The Most Beautiful Cities in Summer

When you visit a city or you’re looking for real estate there, you will find that its ambiance, beauty, and environment can change dramatically from one season to another. There are many cities that really flourish in the summer, making them ideal to buy property in if you enjoy summertime or making them perfect to visit for a wonderful vacation.

Summer can bring out the best in many cities and areas and amongst those that really stand out in the summer are…

Dubrovnik: Situated in Croatia, this is a city that boasts beautiful coastlines, gorgeous azure waters, and great beaches, which all look stunning in the summer sunshine. On top of this you get to enjoy the delights of the old town, which is packed with history and culture.

Jandia: Jandia in Fuerteventura is a beautiful destination, with Caribbean style beaches and turquoise waters coupled with whitewashed buildings that really reflect the sunshine. You can enjoy the laid back charm and natural beauty of the area at any time of the year, but in the summer it looks particularly stunning.

Kuala Lumpur: This Malaysian gem is a wonderful place to visit in the summer, as you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the outdoor markets whilst also soaking up the sunshine. There is plenty of live entertainment in street cafes and bistros, so you can also soak up the character of the area as you stroll around in the fabulous climate.

San Francisco: San Fran is a fascinating city to explore at any time of the year but in the summer you can enjoy the fabulous sights and colours of the city whilst also enjoying the gorgeous climate. With many places to dine al fresco, summertime is a great time to enjoy and make the most of this city.

Stockholm: The Swedish city of Stockholm is a wonderful summer destination, as you can enjoy it from a whole new perspective. This is a great time to explore all that the city has to offer and means that you can even frolic in the Baltic Sea without the risk of freezing!

Playa de las Americas: A lively and exciting area of Tenerife, this is a haven for sun worshippers in the summer. You can make the most of the beaches, enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the area, and even take a boat trip out on the Atlantic to spot whales and dolphins.

Newquay: Situated in Cornwall, England, this is a surfer's paradise and a fabulous place to enjoy summer. The summer in England is rarely uncomfortably hot, which means that you get to enjoy pleasant temperatures, great surf waters, excellent beaches, and a vibrant atmosphere.

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Had been to Kuala Lumpur

Had been to malaysia recently and I should say other than the food, the place is a complete bliss and very cost-effective. I could get a 5-star sea-view accommodation for a few dollars.

San Fransisco

I want to agree with you about San Fransisco. I was privileged to attend a seminar there. It was in the summer and the sight was splendid. I lived in USA for about 15 years since childhood but was able to visit SF just twice before coming down here to UK.