Lufthansa New European Destination is Aberdeen Scotland


Lufthansa will be expanding their Flight Schedules to Britain this coming winter. The airline will introduce a new Destination in Scotland which is Aberdeen, this is the plan for the winter schedules 2011/12.

The flight services from Frankfurt to Aberdeen, which starts from October 30, 2011, will make it Lufthansa’s 6th UK destination.

The airline plans to have Three Flights on Daily Basis from Frankfurt to Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland.

Lufthansa  junior partner CityLine will operate the flight services to Aberdeen and will deploy its modern Brazil made  Embraer 190 aircraft, layout with a total 100 seats in the Business Class and Economy Class.   

In January 2011 Aberdeen was named one of five cities which could help the UK climb its way out of the recession because of its high levels of employment, abundance of skilled workers, and an increase in the average weekly earnings. Aberdeen City and Shire was dubbed in the report by officials as the "one to watch" with its rapid growing economy, size and oil reserves

Aberdeen, the ‘Europe’s Oil Capital’, is also an important Tourist Destination with it’s Castles, parks and Whiskey Industry.It is worth noting that  Lufthansa now operates a total of 434 flights every week to London-City, London-Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Lufthansa is offering an introductory fare from 99 Euros for European flights and for Frankfurt  flights to Aberdeen. The return fare will be for Economy Class, inclusive of all fees and taxes.  

New Daily Flight Schedule (Winter 2011/12)

  • LH970 Frankfurt 07.55 hours – Aberdeen 09.00 hours
  • LH972 Frankfurt 16.00 hours – Aberdeen 17.05 hours
  • LH974 Frankfurt 21.25 hours – Aberdeen 22.30 hours
  • LH975 Aberdeen 06.00 hours – Frankfurt 08.55 hours
  • LH971 Aberdeen 09.40 hours – Frankfurt 12.35 hours
  • LH973 Aberdeen 17.40 hours – Frankfurt 20.35 hours