Log Cabins: A Web Log

Log cabins are becoming an increasingly popular choice for people to use as either their main home or their second, holiday home. There are two key factors that have resulted in the rise in popularity of log cabins over the course of the last ten years.

Firstly, the global economic crisis that has occurred has led people to search for alternative means of housing themselves and their families in cost-effective homes. A number of log cabins for sale have a starting price of around £30,000, where a home of a similar size made from standard bricks and mortar would be likely to set you back approximately four times that price.

Secondly, society has gradually become more conscious of wanting to live in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. To this end, log cabins offer a natural form of insulation, are remarkably easy to assemble and are highly durable structures.

What to Use a Log Cabin for?

Many people simply opt to purchase log cabins and use them as their primary means of accommodation. Log cabins, or flat pack homes as they are similarly referred to, are incredibly popular in Scandinavia and Poland, where there exists entire communities that live in log cabin homes.

In addition to opting to house yourself permanently in a log cabin you may wish to consider several other options on how to use a property such as this. Log cabins are incredibly versatile structures that can be used and fitted out to accommodate any specific need. Some people choose to situate a smaller log cabin in the back of their garden and use it as an office; whilst others use their log cabin to house a sauna or a leisure suite and others prefer to use their log cabin as a guest house.

Design Your Own Log Cabin

A handful of companies that offer log cabins for sale in the United Kingdom have more recently began to offer a bespoke design service that allows the consumer to contribute his or her own ideas to the construction of the proposed log cabin property. The benefit of this service means that the customer is not restricted by standardised log cabin designs.

Thus, if the amount of available space that you have in the back of your garden is limited, then companies that offer log cabins for sale offer a consultation service that allows you to underline your exact needs to the designers who will work with you so as to find the best resolution to your requirements.

Furthermore, you may also be on a budget and not wanting to exceed a certain amount of money. If this is the case then you do not need to tirelessly shop around looking for a log cabin for sale that is within your budget – as you would do with a standard bricks and mortar home – and instead you simply quote your exact budget to a company that offers log cabins for sale and they will try to design a home for you based around your budget.

Constructing Your Log Cabin

When it finally comes down to erecting your log cabin you have two options, you can either assemble it yourself or seek the assistance of a construction team. Depending on the size of your log cabin and how confident you are at doing your own D.I.Y. you’ll need to bear in mind that you may not be able to assemble your log cabin entirely on your own.

Some of the larger panels of wood that could potentially make up your home may be too cumbersome to erect on your own and you may have to seek the assistance of friends or other family members. Alternatively, companies that offer log cabins for sale also generally tend to have their own team of construction specialists who will get your log cabin up and running for you efficiently and as part of the overall quota of your budget.

Steven Capocci is a freelance writer who often dreams of owning his own log cabin. If you are interested in affordable housing then he recommends having a look at some of the log cabins for sale online.