Live you’re Romantic Fantasies in Paris - The City of Love


In the words of George Melies, “Fairy tales only happen in movies” but, if you want a happy ending to your love story, pay a visit to Paris. For centuries, this romantic French capital is known as the “city of love”, a place where love blossoms. This makes Paris a wonderful destination for a romantic honeymoon.There are a lot of Things to do in Paris

Why City Of Love?

Wondering why Paris is the most romantic place on earth? Firstly, French is recognized as the language of love and secondly because of the passionate environment surrounding the Eiffel Tower. You may find it naive but these are solid facts. Nothing beats the feel of holding hands with your better half, the romance that you share when looking up at the star-lit sky from the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. Travellers from other countries will kill to live this dream for a fleeting moment.

With so much love around, the newlyweds are bound to enjoy their honeymoon in Paris. If you wish to live this dream, you better get familiar with the city before you decide to land there.

About Paris:

Paris is one of the leading centres of art, architecture and learning in Europe. Due to its strategic location on the shores of River Seine, the city has a major influence in business, fashion, politics and science industries. Its crisscross avenues and waterways connect it to all the principle locations of the world.

Top Tourist Attractions:

  • Eiffel Tower  

If you happen to stop by Paris, make sure that you visit the Eiffel Tower during daytime as well as at night. This iconic iron lattice building is the tallest structure of France. It has an observatory (for star gazing) on the third platform. Other than this, there’s a chain of restaurants and cafes that serve simple and fanciful French cuisine for al

  • Museums & Art Galleries:

Musee de Louvre, Musee de I’Orangerie and Conciergie are must-watch places in Paris. All these places don’t feature standard art. Once you pay them a visit, you’ll be surprised by the dynamics and quality of French artwork. If you’re interested in exploring the glorious French history, you can check out Museum National d’historie Naturelle. 

  • Other Hotspots:

When you’re in need of fresh air, take a quick stroll across the Luxembourg and Tuileries Gardens. Discover the dazzling nightlife of Paris from the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower. Pose for a photograph beside famous celebrity statues at the Grevin Wax Museum and swim across the Saint Martin Canal with your significant other, in a gondola. Visit other iconic structures like Arc de Triomphe, Norte Dame de Paris, Palais Garnier and Les Invalides or book a trip to Disneyland Paris or Champs-Elysees and experience your childhood once again.

Things to Do In Paris:

 If you wish to drift from the mundane city life, you can take one-hour river tours on Seine River. Bateaux Parisiens and Bateaux Mouches are foremost tourism agencies that arrange river cruises for couples, starting at 10 Euros.

Are you crazy about French outfits and accessories? Catch up with the trendy French Fashion at Avenue des Champs Elysées, Rue de Rennes, Rue de Passy and Avenue des Ternes.

When you’re tired of all that shopping, you can dine at Le Fumoir (located near Louvre Museum) or Cafe de La Paix which is famed for its luxurious settings. If you want to listen to live music, visit Delaville Cafe or check out Les Deux Magots for an alfresco coffee date.

If you wish to explore Paris on wheels, you can book a car for a road trip and contact the agencies for information on road travel and licensing. Go ahead and explore the city to your heart’s content.