Learn What Village Is Right For You In The UK

When you are thinking of leaving the big city or an all too rural community and transferring yourself and the family if you have one, to a village you will want to know what to expect and what questions you should answer for yourself before you do. Also you will want to decide what type of village you need to be acquainted with to be happy. Do you want extreme quiet in a village near to Wales for example or do you want something more akin to Marylebone village which is a village tucked away in a city?

What kinds of things do you enjoy?

Are you a person who enjoys quiet evenings by the hearth? Do you enjoy just going down to a pub where everyone knows you and see the same faces night after night? Do you like to play a game of snooker and darts with the mates? Are your lifestyles that of a pensioner or do you still work and if so is there a commute? If you don’t drive, is there a train that runs at the hours you need to on the days you are expected at work?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above and you work, you may prefer a suburban –style village that is only a short commute to the city where you work. If you answered yes to most of those questions and you don’t work then you’ve only to decide how quiet and slow you really want it.

Bonus Tip: Take care to understand that when you have just retired you may need to vacation in the quiet for a while and then make a decision as to how quiet and slow a lifestyle you really want. This is because the glamour may tend to wear off and you may regret the move after cabin-fever has set in.

Now, if you are the opposite extreme and need quiet at home when you want it and still crave stimulation from a city atmosphere often, then you should consider a place like Marylebone village.

In conclusion, a move to a village is a move to a completely different dynamic than what you are used to and it takes time to get acquainted with a space especially when you are going to meet people that are of a very different style than what you are used to as well. Take a few trips to Marylebone village and sniff it out a bit before you decide.