Lagos is the Heart and Soul of Portugal and an Excellent Holiday Destination

Portugal is a terrific country with astounding scenic beauty, rich culture, friendly people and amazing history. If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can feel as free as a bird, then Portugal is the country to choose because the atmosphere and culture is so warm and friendly that you will feel welcome at every step.

The heart of Portugal is Lagos. Lagos is one city which brings together all beautiful colors of Portugal in to itself. It has the best of hotels, amazing bars and casinos, wonderful markets and countless tourist attraction which will not let you feel bored for a second. All in all Lagos is a true holiday paradise. This city is one of the best to choose for your honeymoon. There are so many perks of choosing Lagos as your honeymoon destination. Firstly the place has excellent resorts and many of them are very affordable and they get even good on your pocket if you avail their special packages. Secondly we will recommend Lagos to you because it will be a very refreshing place to visit with its picturesque surroundings, golden beaches, vibrant night life and many holiday attractions. Unlike choosing any tropical island for your honeymoon, choose Lagos and spend your special days away from your routine drudgery in your perfect Portuguese holiday retreat of Lagos. You will love every moment of your memorable vacation in there.

Along with everything else that you will look for in your vacation, Lagos has excellent beaches with golden sands, clear waters and spectacular sky. Camilo Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Lagos. When you are on your holiday in this fantastic city of lagos, plan a day for Camilo beach. There are so many activities that you can do there. Start you day at Camilo beach by swimming in the mild warm waters of Lagos. Afterwards you can take a beach chair and sun bathe in the good warm sun and get an excellent tan. Play beach volleyball with other tourists who are there from around the world or you can just sit by the beach side and read your favorite book with your loved one.

There are many beach sides bar that offer delicious drinks. Get a new drink made in local style and enjoy sipping it walking by the beach side exploring the place. Then you can hire boat and go boating in the sea. Motor boats are also available.

Stay at Camilo Beach until evening so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset there. The view at the sunset is truly awe inspiring as you will be able to see sun drowning into the sea water spreading its beautiful colors evenly at the evening sky and sea water. By that time, the open air bars spring to life with loud music and crowds of dancers on the dance floor. Join them and give your day a perfect end.

Your vacation in Lagos will be very memorable and exciting so make sure that you start searching for your flights to Lagos now and plan your holiday in this terrific city.

Fly to the gorgeous city of Lagos with your loved one and spend your honeymoon amidst its picturesque locales. Lagos is a terrific city with all holiday facilities and has the best of beaches to make your holiday experience astounding.