Infamous Islands in Southeast Asia: Perfect Sanctuary for Honeymooners

Most newly married couples hunt for a perfect place to spend their honeymoon. Oftentimes, they prefer it to be in an isolated place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. When talking about ideal honeymoon destinations, there are plenty of places to include in your list.

But of course, there is nothing more romantic and private than spending your honeymoon in a tropical paradise. Good for you if you own an island. For those who want to experience the tranquility and luxury of traveling to an infamous island, you can find them in Southeast Asia region.

Yaeyama Islands, Japan

The picturesque Yaeyama Islands can be found at the southern tip of Japan. Composed of several islands, this part of the Japanese archipelago appears to be more like the Caribbean. Hence, couples who long to take a Caribbean getaway but do not have enough budget can opt to visit Yaeyama Islands instead. Honeymooners can take pleasure in total peace of mind and privacy when visiting the islands.

Ishigaki Island is considered as the main island and transportation hub in the region. If you want to get close to nature, the jungle covered Iriomote Island is a perfect destination. Meanwhile, Taketomi Island is widely known for its amazingly preserved Ryukyuan houses where you can get a glimpse of their history. Couples can soak up under the sun on the white beaches, go snorkeling or explore underwater in these islands.

Sumilon Island, Cebu Philippines

Enchanting is a common term used to describe Sumilon Island. With its lush tropical environment, captivating panoramic views and crystal blue water, who will not be enticed to pay a visit to this small island at the south of Cebu? It is an island separated by emerald blue waters from the main island of Cebu province. Tourists must go to the municipality of Oslob where they can ride small boat taking guests to the island. For some, the price might be a bit pricey but the experience could be worth it.

This island is a perfect sanctuary for honeymooners. It is a paradise for both nature and beach lovers. Being isolated means couples can have much privacy and peace of mind whilst staying in the small island. What makes it more distinct from the rest? If you have grown tired of sleeping in a hotel room, glamping is a perfect choice. Tourists can enjoy the glamour of staying in a luxurious room yet in outdoor style. Tents are built outside with all the necessities. Aside from common beach activities, couples can do stargazing during night while lying in a comfortable bed. See it for yourself!

Similan Islands, Thailand

Visiting Similan Islands is like entering into another world. Sounds exaggerating? This group of islands is best known for its hidden wonders beneath the crystal blue water surrounding each islands. There are nine (9) small islands composing Similan. Beach lovers will surely savor the moment staying in any of the islands.

Honeymooners can relax under the ironwood and gum trees while watching the blue water sparkles and savoring the enchanting scenery. Couples can view the sights underwater like the colorful fishes and other marine creatures and the corals. But the most interesting feature of Similan Islands are those huge and uniquely, nature-formed boulders which can be seen at first glance of the islands. Indeed, these boulders are wonders of nature. The experience will truly make your honeymoon very memorable.

For couples, there are plenty of secret islands around the world which are yet to be fully explored. And these places are ideally suited if you want tranquility and privacy. Thus, honeymooners can spend quality time together in these islands. Be sure to make an inquiry regarding the accommodation before booking to make your stay worry free.

This article was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a social media blogger and a traveler herself. She enjoys writing about places she have been through as well as those destinations she plans to visit. She also writes reviews regarding different hotels like the Palms Casino Resort , to be able to share some tips to others. Follow her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82 or on Google+.