How to Pick a Perfect Hotel for You

Heading on a vacation? If you are about to travel to a new and exciting place you will need to book a hotel. Unless you have stayed at this location before you probably don’t have any idea which hotels are good. Here are some tips on what to look for when you are picking out a hotel.

 If you are traveling throughout North America you will find many places to stay. The big names should be on the top of your list., places like Howard Jonson, Best Western, and Holiday Inn come to mind. If you are looking for an upscale experience, you will be looking at places like the Hyatt or The Hilton. You will still want to research the areas that you are going and pick lodging that is within your budget and close to the activities you are going to do. Ultimately picking a hotel in the United States is easy. Be sure to have an option B, C, and D because it is not uncommon for booking errors to happen or to arrive and find your hotel in an unsafe area.

Traveling overseas can be a little more complicated. You will be taking a huge leap of faith by selecting your hotel by a few reviews and a couple of pictures. When considering your choices of lodging you may start feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t let this deter you from going on that dream vacation, here is some advise that may help.

Start your search on a reputable travel website and start looking at the most expensive hotels first. Find out there locations and choose three or four based on their proximity to where you will be spending most of your time.

Once you have your list of the most expensive hotels, start looking for hotels that are in your budget. Make your final list based on how close they are to the expensive hotels. The idea behind this is that the luxury hotels will be in some of the safer areas. Picking a hotel that is in your budget and a few blocks away from the luxury hotels can be a safe bet. You will still need to do a little more investigation on the local area and the hotels on your list, but this gives you a great starting point.

Once you have a list of locations, you can order your list based on what is important to you. Make a list of what you consider most desirable and then rate each hotel by reading their features and services. For example, if a swimming pool is important then you will give a point for the locations with a swimming pool, and if you are looking for the best mattress in the world, you will give a hotel a point for their beds. You continue to do this until you have your list ordered from one to four, one being the most desirable location for your needs.

In the end, picking a quality hotel is not that hard, even if you are heading to some distant land. Although carefully researching your locations may take some of the spontaneity out of your holiday, you will not have as much to worry about when you are away from home.