How To Pack For An Airplane Trip

Taking a trip can be an exciting time in your life, but packing for it can be a major nuisance, especially if you’re traveling by plane. After 9/11, airports increased their security and changed their rules on the items that you could and could not bring with you on a flight, and many people have found it hard to pack for an airplane trip because of it. If you will be traveling by plane, the following are some tips to help you pack appropriately. Opt for a carry-on.

If you can, try to pack only a carry-on for your airplane trip. Some airlines will charge you extra fees if you need to check a bag, and you’ll also run the risk of having your luggage become lost or damaged. If you won’t have too much stuff to bring with you, try to fit everything into a carry-on. Most airlines will allow you to bring two carry-on items with you, such as a small suitcase and a backpack. Make sure to check with your airline’s rules on carry-ons to ensure that you’re packing appropriately. Know what you can’t bring.

There are certain items that are prohibited on airplanes. Some items are not allowed on carry-ons but are allowed on checked bags, and some items are simply not allowed at all. Visit the TSA website for a list of items that can and cannot be brought on an airplane. Some items are obvious, but some are not, so be sure to double check, otherwise your items will be confiscated. Pack only what you need.

If you will be gone for three days, there’s no reason to pack your entire closet. Make sure that you are only packing the items that you absolutely need to bring with you. If you will be gone for three days, pack four or five outfits to give yourself some options, but that’s it. You also need to think about what you’ll be doing. If you’re going on a business trip that will leave you little room for leisure time, you probably don’t have to pack your swimsuit. If you’re staying in a hotel, call them to find out what they have available in your room. This could alleviate you having to bring a blow dryer or iron with you on your trip. Buy travel-sized items.

Buying travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, hair sprays and deodorants will save you a lot of space in your luggage, so make sure to buy these items before you go. Plus, most airlines have a 3 oz. limit when it comes to liquids, so you wouldn’t be able to bring full size bottles of these items anyway. You also have the option of buying the travel sized items when you arrive at your destination instead of traveling with them, or you can use the toiletries that are provided to you by the hotel. Use space creatively.

Instead of simply tossing everything randomly into your suitcase, be organized with your packing and look for creative ways to do so. For example, you could put underwear or socks inside any gym shoes you have in your luggage, and this can provide you with extra space in your suitcase for other necessities. Don’t forget to use any outside pockets too. Watch your weight.

You want to make sure that your carry-on and checked bags are not too heavy. Remember that you will be carrying your carry-on bag, so you don’t want to make it too strenuous on yourself. Also, some airlines charge extra fees if checked bags exceed a certain weight, so you’ll want to make sure you’re being mindful of how much your luggage weighs.

Albert Riera is a TSA security officer and writer who likes to help others with tips for packing for Airplanes through his writings.


Different rules

I dont know if it is true, but looks like each Airlines has their own terms and conditions in addition to federal rules. We were not allowed to carry musical equipment (flute) durning our last visit to Singapore.

Good article but

I like the gist and content of the article, but I wish the do's and dont's are numbered or enlisted for easy readability.

it can be a nightmare if you happen to carry any of the banned items!

Good post. I agree, you

Good post. I agree, you should not carry a lot of stuffs, you should carry only important stuffs.

When I travel, I normally carry a small suitcase and a backpack. It makes my life easier.

What a day at the airport

Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed it. I remember when I was flying to Germany from Uk. I had to go through some scrutinizing which even involve checking inside of my shoes. Its frustrating if you are the impatient type like I am. Well, with time I was used to it and now I feel with this post, I know best what to expect and do to help the situation. Well done!!