How to find your perfect cruise destination in 2013

If you have still not ventured into a cruise in your lifetime then you are definitely missing something important. Many of the exotic places in the world have ports which call for a cruise trip. One can envisage the feeling of seeing the world leisurely floating on water and the advantage of a cruise trip is you do not have to unpack and pack your suitcase when you reach any new destination as the hotel wining, dining and fun things are all at your service in the ship itself. Find below some of the popular Cruises to visit where you can enjoy to the hilt.


Top Cruise Destinations to Visit In 2013

If you have made up mind to travel by cruise then next thing is to decide the destination. Following is the list of places that are most popular destinations of cruise lovers.


  • Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination which is filled with exciting activities and options to exceed the expectations of any traveler. Beautiful beaches are the attraction and ravishing scenario makes the trip unforgettable. Whether it is with entire family or friends or just a romantic getaway for any couple; the tropical island in the Caribbean is known to create the perfect ambience for any type of vacation. The best thing about these Caribbean cruises is that you can avail it at any time of the year and not be limited by the weather conditions


  • Mediterranean has always been one of the hottest cruise destinations because of its’ beautiful coast and great itineraries consisting of Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Athens. Western Mediterranean cruise is one of the best ways to explore Europe which is also known for its rich culture. For waterfalls Hawaiian Islands are famous. The best time to go for a Mediterranean cruise is summer time though you can definitely venture any time of the year.


  • Panama Canal and Columbia which gives you a lifetime canal crossing experience. It is adventurous long journey which gives you time to relax. These are wildlife rich destinations and perfect for eco lovers and adventure seekers.


  • Amazon is the destination for the real adventurous explorers where only luxury and expensive cruise mostly take the passengers. Beauty of flora and fauna will drive you crazy.
  • For summer vacations Antarctica is the place to visit: Where it is impossible for humans to survive you find the most beautiful species exiting like penguins and polar bear. It will be a totally different experience.
  • Galapagos Island is these days on the top of the list of cruise lovers. These are volcanic islands situated around the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is a truly exotic location with amazing trails, unique wildlife and wonderful sights make this island incredible.



Deciding the Location


While deciding your cruise location you have to be very careful and calculated so that your journey does not end up being a disaster. Make the selection of cruise according to your budget and plan out your entire expenses. Choose the location as per your mood and nature. If you are in a mood of long vacation go for Panama Canal, for adventure seekers Galapagos Island is best suited, for culture lovers Mediterranean is a good option.



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