How to Completely Relax in Your Hotel Room

There are many good reasons that you might book a hotel or inn to stay in, and these can range from needing a place to crash when you're on a business trip or holiday, to having to stay somewhere while your home is renovated. Thinking about hotel rooms only in that light though means looking at them from a solely practical perspective which is actually a very limiting way to look at them. The point is that the experience of staying in a hotel is actually highly pleasant and enjoyable a great time in its own right - sometimes it's worth just staying in a hotel for the sake of it.

There are many things that make staying in a hotel so relaxing and rejuvenating, but the main thing is that you have no pressing commitments when you're there. You're not going to be at home which means you can't have anyone popping round for an unexpected visit, and at the same time the change of scene will mean that there's no pressure on you to do any cleaning or washing up. Here you can literally just indulge yourself and this is a great and rare opportunity.

So what's also important is to make sure you make the most of it. Let's look at how...

Take a Hot Shower

As soon as you arrive one of the best ways to put yourself at ease and to relax your muscles is to take a hot shower or bath. This way you'll have put yourself in a relaxed state and when you lie down on the bed you'll just sink into it.

Bring Comfy Clothes

When you arrive at the hotel a great way to be able to relax and unwind more than you will do anyway is to bring some comfy clothes to change into. I always take a dressing gown for this reason as well as slippers, and if your hotel doesn't provide these I suggest you do the same. As soon as you swap into slippers suddenly it's much easier to feel at ease.

Take Extra Milk

While most hotel rooms provide you with tea making facilities these days, most of them only provide a couple of sachets of milk which tends to be enough for about two mugs. If you want to really enjoy a proper cup of tea and not feel limited, taking extra milk can allow you to have all the brews you could need. Bringing extra snacks and food can help too, and this way you can enjoy your cuppa with a nice chocolate biscuit too.

Good Reading Material

So you're in your slippers and dressing gown and you've got a nice warm cup of tea ready. Now what? The obvious answer is to have a read which can be a lot easier on the eyes than staring at a screen which is what most of us will have spent the whole day doing. Bringing a good book, or getting a paper is the perfect way to entertain yourself in a laid back manner.

Focus on Your Lack of Work

Now as you sit there feeling comfy in the small room just think about how you're not at home working, and how you don't have to make the bed afterward. It's rare that we get any time completely to ourselves with no pressing concerns, so make sure not to take it for granted.

Mike Johnson is a writer and community manager with Banting House Inn, a popular bed and breakfast in Toronto . When not enjoying hockey, Mike loves to share travel tips and his experiences in hospitality industry through blog posts.


I could just remember the

I could just remember the relaxing moment at my room where I stay there for 2 days as I join a company activity. I wish I could feel the same for these days.

Nice one on relaxing...

Hot shower and watching movies are some of my favorites during my stay at hotels. If it is a multi-storey building, I love sightseeing from the sit-out!

I agree, staying in hotel

I agree, staying in hotel room can make you very relaxed. You do not have to worry about anything, other than the cost of staying at the hotel.

If hotel gives me free Wi-Fi, I will never feel bored thanks to my laptop.