How To Avoid Ending Up Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere

It happens to everyone at some point. You head out on a long journey, and then something unexpected happens: you suffer a mechanical problem or, slightly more embarrassingly, you run out of fuel miles from the nearest gas station. This type of scenario is always a major hassle, but if the worst happens and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, it could even be dangerous, especially if there happens to be a dangerous psychopath lurking nearby. But although you can't always prevent these things from happening, it is possible to reduce the possibility that they will ruin your day.

Fill up on Fuel

Sounds stupidly obvious, but it is amazing how many people run out of fuel on long journeys. Never try eking out your fuel past the 'empty' mark on the fuel gauge. The reserve tank is intended for emergencies and there is no guarantee you will be able to travel very far on the final few litres of fuel. Always fill up when opportunity arises on a long journey, particularly if you know that the next rest stop is a long way off.

Pack a Fully Charged Phone

Cell phones are incredibly useful on long journeys. If anything happens, you don't even need to leave the safety of your vehicle—as long as you have a signal, you can call for help immediately. But cell phones are not much use when the battery dies, so charge yours up before you set off and carry an in-car charger at all times.

Tell Someone Your Route and ETA

Never set off on a long journey without informing a friend or relative of your travel plans. That way, if something does goes wrong and you don't show up at your final destination, someone will come looking for you.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Roadworthy

There are some vehicles that quite simply should not be on the road. If yours is one of these, think twice before heading out on a long and arduous journey. Not only are you are highly likely to end up stranded by the roadside, you also run the risk of having an accident because your vehicle is actually dangerous in some way.

Join a Breakdown Recovery Service

Breakdown recovery services are very useful. In a lot of cases, the call out guy will be able to fix your vehicle at the roadside, but if this is not possible, at least they will tow you to the nearest garage and you won't have to spend hours waiting for a friend to come and pick you up.

Expect the Unexpected

Always plan for every eventuality and expect the unexpected. Make sure you have a warm blanket, a torch, food and drink in the vehicle, just in case you break down in an inhospitable location and help is a long time coming.

If the worst happens and you do end up stranded, consider trading up your vehicle for a better one next time.

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