How Are Private Jet Interiors Designed?

Of the clients who are wealthy enough to have their own private jet, many will feel that the outlay for a bespoke interior is not only a justifiable part of the cost, but a necessary outlay. This is why there is an industry dedicated entirely to being able to design and furnish the private jet interior.

Choosing the right Jet

Some jet design companies will go through the entire process with the client. First they will have to identify a suitable aircraft for their client. They will talk through the clients’ specific needs in terms of space needed – one business man, for example, might have many wives, children and staff to transport. Maybe even a racing horse or two?! This will mean needing conference and dining areas and facilities, as well as multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and entertainment systems.

In order to procure the right kind of private jet for the client the company will also need to establish the estimated annual mileage, likely destination points, frequency of travel, main usage and the aircraft’s ‘home’ country as it will need maintenance and a hangar. A well-established Jet Interiors design company will be extremely well connected with both aircraft brokers and within the aviation industry.

Deciding on the Layout

Once the aircraft has been chosen, the company will talk through the layout. This means talking through the aircraft’s prime use e.g. for meetings or for transporting family. With this in mind the crew area, the lavatories, the sitting area, the master bedroom, bathrooms and galley (kitchen) all need to be laid out in a way that will maximise the use of the private jet’s space and efficiency.

Selecting a Style or Theme

Jet Interior

The company will then need to talk through the client’s personal likes and dislikes in order to try and define a theme and decor scheme that will both suit the client’s tastes and wishes as well as compliment the aircraft’s integral style. Swatches of materials will then be procured, along with colours swatches to establish the overall look and feel of the private jet interior. The client and their entourage will be spending quite a bit of time on the plane and so they need to really like the mood that those colours and textures will evoke. Whether they want the height of luxury in cool blues and silvers, or hot reds and golds will depend on the client’s character and on what they want their aircraft to say about them. Some of them want to impress clients, investors and world leaders; while others just want to relax and feel at home.  Once the style scheme has been agreed upon (and this can take a long time because decorating the inside of an aircraft is quite an alien project for most people) then bespoke furniture will be either be chosen or designed and remember that because this is an aircraft many things need to have a dual purpose: cupboards with hidden drawers, pull-out beds, tables that unfold.

Kitting out the Jet

There are companies world-wide who cater for each element of the luxury jet’s interior design. For example a private jet company like Aerolux will ensure that your galley is fitted with all the right kitchen kit from beverage makers and espresso coffee makers, refrigerators, freezers and wine chillers (you don’t want those jeroboams of champagne rolling around your private jet or served warm, do you!) and cooking equipment like convection ovens, warming ovens, skillets, toast makers, rice cookers and combination ovens.

The interior design company should then be able to produce a mock up, in 3D, of the complete interior. This allows for a virtual walk-through of the cabin which will give the sense of space and also provide confirmation of the technical feasibility of the overall design. Once the private jet has been fitted out, checked and delivered to the client then the company will naturally be at hand to ensure that everything works perfectly and that everything has been made using the best quality craftsmanship and materials.

A big industry revolves around the fitting out of private jets and commercial jets giving rise to an entire exhibition dedicated to it. Business Jet Interiors World Expo touts itself as an international boutique exhibition that is dedicated to showcasing the very latest in luxury jet and helicopter interior design. It is due to take place at Tag Aviation at Farnborough Airport on the 19-22 March 2013.

If this all sounds like pie-in-the sky then you have to remember that billionaire Prince Talal al-Saud ordered a customised Airbus A380 a few years ago despite already owning a customised 747, Airbus 231 and a luxury yacht. The new jet will house luxury suites as well as – get this – a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically turn towards mecca. 

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Writtin by Alex H: Alex is working with Air Mayfair, a private jet hire company that has years of experience providing provate jets to all forms of clientelle. 


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