Holidays to Make Your Friends Green with Envy

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Mostly social media is a good thing, until you come across statuses and photos of friends enjoying their holidays abroad. Suddenly the fact that you’re stuck working in the office or servicing customers becomes even more of a chore. If you’ve been watching others have incredible holidays and seeing them come back with a healthy glow and loads of amazing stories it is your turn to enjoy some of the high life for yourself.

Pick one of these amazing holiday ideas and give yourself a treat and your friends a taste of their own medicine for a change.

Getting Creative

Arty types, have you ever thought of combining a break with some artistic training? There are some amazing holidays set in idyllic locations all over the world that provide artists breaks. Included in the deal you are given the chance to paint the most amazing landscapes and buildings while sampling local foods, wine and lapping up all of the culture. You will be given guidance and tutoring by talented, experienced tutors who may be able to teach you a thing or two and help you to perfect your artistic voice.


Many holiday makers will take a trek up a local hill or mountain when they go on holiday but how many go exploring caves? Rock formations created by natural elements such as water and wind can make incredible backdrops; just think of the Grand Canyon. There are other locations around the world to consider too such as the rock formations in Goreme, Turkey. Visit the house made from the rock face and feel like you’re on a whole different planet in a landscape that will remind you of the moon.

It’s Luau Time

Hawaii is the perfect location for relaxing holidays that involve lots of hidden beaches and time to do nothing more than work on your healthy tan. Sip on cocktails and share photos of the most incredible inhabited spots that you can find. This is the holiday where you can really escape life so on second thoughts forget about your social networks for a couple of weeks and focus on relaxing. Work on your lei making skills while you’re there and enjoy some great luau entertainment.

The Most Amazing Road Trip Ever

Road trips are ideal for anyone who loves to get behind the wheel and cruise. If you’re driving rent yourself a legendary car or motorbike and head on over to the USE. Route 66 is an iconic road trip that makes many bucket lists.

Work on Your Swing

Sports men and women should consider booking a luxury Golf Amigos holiday. Visit some of the best locations in the world and play on golf courses set in breath taking settings. Golfing holidays have risen in popularity along with the sport and you could choose between destinations such as Cyprus, USA, Thailand, Africa and France, to name just a few.

Set the level high and take the perfect break that will certainly make your friends a tiny bit jealous.

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