Holidays & Business In The British Virgin Islands - Travel Advice

The Caribbean territory of the British Virgin Islands is a popular destination for business as well as holidays. Being a tax haven, it is an ideal spot for international businesses all over the world. On the contrary, the surrounding small, less populated islands make it a popular holiday destination as well. Therefore, you can go for both, holidays and business in the British Virgin Islands and make the best of your trip!

If you are planning to travel to this heavenly destination, then we have some travel advice for you!

When Should You Go To The British Virgin Islands?

If you don’t have to travel urgently for business, then you can wait for the weather to get pleasant before you fly to these islands.  The weather in the British Virgin Islands is good all round the year, but there are two main seasons and you can select which one of these is suitable for your travelling preferences. December to May is considered peak season for travel and tourism. The weather is a bit chilly and you will see mainly European and North American tourists in the area.

In November to June, you will see divers in abundance that go to the islands to blow off steam. In September to November you can experience a lot of rainfall; so you won’t be able to properly enjoy the islands during that time.  So now that you know which type of weather you will experience in which month, you can easily decide for yourself which weather best suits your mood and expenses!

Refer to this article to find out the benefits & tax advantages of the BVI, in case you are looking to establish your new business there. 

Laws and Culture

Whether you are visiting the British Virgin Islands for holidays or business you are required to follow the local laws. If you are found in possession of drugs, you will be charged and put in jail. Therefore, to avoid falling in someone’s trap you should be careful of your luggage and do not carry someone else’s bag or other belongings. If you are planning to marry in the British Virgin Islands, then you need to have all the legal documents with you. The same goes for the driving as well. If you want to drive around town, you need to obtain a local permit from any car rental agency or from the Traffic Licensing Office. Local license is issued on the basis of an international driving permit or a Canadian driving license. Check this excellent article here to find out more about the culture in the British Virgin Islands

Import and Export

If your business involves import and export of items then you must acquire legal license from the concerned authorities. On the contrary, if your importation and exportation is temporary due to holidays then you will have to abide by the rules and regulation of the custom authorities. Three things you need to be careful about during temporary import and export are agricultural products, currency and firearms. Get ready to face the customs officer if you are carrying these items.

If you are going for holidays and business in the British Virgin Islands you are free to explore 50 or so small surrounding islands that make it an ideal holiday resort!

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