Hiking The Mostnica Gorge In Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country that nonetheless really packs a punch. One of the star attractions is the area around Lake Bohinj which offers copious hiking opportunities ranging from an easy circuit around the lake itself to steep climbs into the Julian Alps. If you are looking for a moderate walk with plenty of variety and surprises then you could do a lot worse than heading for the Mostnica Gorge.


Starting Out

The trail starts in the picturesque village of Stara Furzina which is just north of the lake.  You can park in the village or take the pleasant walk from Lake Bohinj to the start point. This is a walk which does not seem to promise much excitement at the outset. As you climb gently away from the village there isn’t a great deal to see initially but you soon reach a small bridge where everything changes. Beneath you is a beautiful and dramatic gorge with the stunning blue waters of the Mostinca River tumbling through it.

The Gorge

The path continues climbing relatively gently above the gorge and from time to time you get glimpses of the waters below. The gorge is narrow and very dark in places and almost looks like the landscape from a fairy tale. It is tempting to linger but there are more delights ahead.

The River

Eventually you find yourself walking alongside the pristine river as it tumbles towards the gorge.  The vista is punctuated by occasional rapids and interesting rock formations.  There are several deep pools along the way with one featuring a rock arch beneath the surface.  This portion of the river is incredibly beautiful and a good place to stop for lunch or a well-earned snack.

Meadows and Flowers

If a short walk is order then you can turn back towards the village but it worth venturing further. There is an easy trail through a forested area which then opens out into stunning alpine meadows awash with wild flowers. A myriad of bright colours dance in the breeze with bright yellows, pinks, purples and oranges everywhere you look.  The flowers are beautiful but don’t be tempted to pick them! There are rare species of orchids amongst the blooms so if you fancy some flower arranging visit the excellent flower market in Ljubljana instead.

Wild Water

If you continue through the meadows you will eventually arrive at the Voje Waterfall. The spectacular cascade is just a quick hike from the trail and another perfect spot for lunch or a rest. There is also a rustic café next to the trail if you fancy a coffee.

Turning Back


To make your return journey retrace your steps until you reach the river again where you can either continue on the same path or cross the water to return via the opposite bank. This is a relatively gentle hike with few steep gradients but one which is packed with huge variety. With mountains, meadows, wild water and a stunning gorge it is a trail that you shouldn’t miss if you are in the area.