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I am Susanna Grigoryan, a professional and licensed tour guide in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. I have started my guiding career since 2003. Are you planning to travel to Armenia? Would you like to learn more about our country's history, culture, nature, architecture, religion, people, politics, food and music? Are you interested to have unforgettable travel experiences in one of the unique countries in the world?  Then welcome to Armenia,  make your dream tour come true! Armenia - acknowledged as one of the cradles of civilization - is a beautiful country with a sophisticated people and a long and cultured history. As a result, Armenia is an intriguing tourist destination. The capital city Yerevan, which is nestled in the shadow of the snow-capped heights of the majestic mount Ararat, where the Biblical Noah's Ark first landed escaping the Great Flood, is the main tourist gateway. You can gain further insights into Armenian cultural achievements during your sightseeing tours as well as at museums, theaters and concert halls. You can attend a wide choice of performances ranging from concerts to puppet theater and jazz music. Are you interested to learn more and discover Armenia as a tourist destination? Feel free to contact your local guide in Armenia. Visit, Discover, Enjoy! Beautiful, Sunny and Christian Armenia is waiting for You!For requests, bookings and feedback, please contact me:






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Hi Susanna, Thanks for

Hi Susanna,

Thanks for sharing your profile in form of a blog and I am really thankful to you. Can you please tell me what are the living costs in Armenia if someone wants to come here?