Guide To Disneyland Paris Break to Ensure Hassle Free experience

Holidaying with family is fun especially when the destination is Disneyland Paris. The Disneyland Paris break is worth taking the pains when chalking out the vacation plan. Disneyland Paris has to offer a large number of attractions that include two theme parks namely Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park, A village that boasts of IMAX, golf course, restaurants and bar.


Before you pack your bags and book the ticket there are a few essential do’s and don’ts which you should keep in your mind to have the best vacationing experience.


When to take Disneyland Paris break?

Like all holiday destinations, there is both high and low season to visit Disneyland. The prices vary with the time you choose to visit this heavenly destination. Weekends are expensive in comparison to the mid-weeks. Also, on weekends, there is huge crowd expected and thus long queues to attractions of the park. Winters are chilly in Northern Paris, so plan the trip accordingly.




  • Fun: The trick of having fun at the Disneyland is ‘leave all your work at home’. Do come to Disneyland Paris without any worries of the work place. If possible switch off your phones for greater enjoyment.
  • Set Budget: Before leaving for Disneyland Paris breakset your budget intelligently. Don’t overspend as that might leave you in a tight spot later on.
  • Book hotel: During holiday season, many hotels provide discount offers like book a room for three days and get one night free. Look for such catchy discount offering hotels and get them booked earlier as you are not the only one planning to holiday at Disneyland Paris. There are several onsite hotels which you can pick keeping your budget in mind.
  • Book restaurant: At the Disneyland Paris food could be expensive. Families going there, mostly have food at outside restaurants to save money. You can also do that to save some bucks.
  • Pack water and eatables: Besides, it will be really helpful to have a bottle of water with you so that whenever you or your child feels thirsty you could have it. As eatables are quite expensive try to keep a little bit in your bag so that you could munch while watching your child having fun.




  1. 1. Plan at least three days trip: At Disneyland if you have been planning to squeeze one day trip, then you might have to miss a lot of fun. Disneyland Paris needs your precious three days to watch the whole of Disneyland Paris.
  2. 2. Don’t Travel in off season: If you think that by travelling to Disneyland Paris on an off season, you would be able to have fun in less crowded area then you are probably mistaken. Although the crowd would lesser but the flights will be expensive.


Few Tips to Make the Disneyland Paris breaks relaxing and affordable

  1. If you are visiting the park with the little one then making them walk around the park is a bad idea. It is suggested to hire buggies inside the park though, children might be tempted every now and then to jump off and meet their favorite Disney characters. But remember, these buggies come for a price.
  2. There is a shopping mall close to Disneyland where you can find all essentials and brands to shop.
  3. Just outside the gates of the park, there is gas station. Also, stock on the beverages and snacks from there, as they are quite economical in comparison to shops inside the Disneyland.
  4. There are baby rooms all around the Disneyland. These rooms have microwave, high chairs and clean and hygienic baby changing facility.
  5. If your child loves to dress up, don’t forget to carry their Disney costume. Though, there are stores that offer you these dresses on rent, but the rent is quite high.


This guide to Disneyland Paris break will let you make most of the experience and time and money invested.


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