The Greatest Adventures in Australia

It is one of the greatest and most well-known destinations for adventure.  Australia is a country that has it all, bustling urban centers, great oceans, and beautiful countryside.  You certainly won’t find yourself starved for ideas of what to do next, although you may find yourself a little overwhelmed with all the choices you have available before you!

The Outback

It’s the first thing anybody thinks about when Australia comes to mind.  The vast and arid wilderness of Australia offers many sightseeing opportunities.  It isn’t uncommon for people to rent vehicles and take their own treks into the wilderness.  It also isn’t uncommon for these same people to run into serious problems when they hit an unexpected bump because they drove off the trail.

Unless you’re a seasoned wilderness explorer and certified professional off-road driver and car mechanic, play it safe.  There are plenty of guided tours available in nearly every city.  These are and fun ways to take an adventure out back.  

If you look for a little more interaction with the wilderness then pack your tent and head out for some camping.  Australia has plenty of campsites that are very accommodating to travelers of all varieties.  There are also plenty of trails that are friendly to atv’s and other off-road vehicles.  Just remember to always wear the proper safety gear and follow whatever guidelines you are given.

The Great Barrier Reef and all waters in between

Australia is a great big island surrounded on all sides by amazing waters.  The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous locations accounting for more than three billion dollars a year in tourism.  Scuba diving is a popular choice but it isn’t something to take on if you have little to no experienced actually scuba diving.

If you love fishing then you might want to consider grabbing some gear and diving in for some spear-fishing in Australia.  Daily permits can be relatively inexpensive, but there are also some regulations to adhere to on the fish you can catch and how you catch them.  But if you’re a veteran fisherman looking to try out a new style you’re probably ready to take this step.

Lean towards the extreme

For the ultimate adrenaline junkie, nothing makes you feel more alive than reaching terminal velocity and nothing makes you feel more like an ultimate badass than surviving that fall.  Not only that, but the best way to appreciate the landscape is when you’re rocketing right towards it.

Besides just scuba diving, the waters of Australia offer more exciting adrenaline filled appeal.  The coastal waves are world renowned as some of the most amazing surfing waters in the world.  When you get a little tired of the salty taste of the ocean water, travel inland and book yourself a white water rafting trip.  A variety of tour options are available from the day trip to the week-long excursion!

Urban adventuring

The great cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane make up an amazing trio of urban adventuring spots.  Sydney is the number one tourist destination and home to the famous Sydney Opera House.  Melbourne boasts glamorous shopping in the areas of Federation Square and New Quay.  And Brisbane is known for their famous nightlife and the place to truly experience the best the culinary culture of Australia has to offer.

It is totally up to you how you enjoy an Australian holiday.  In a country full of so many choices, you’ll be so overwhelmed with all of your exciting options, and you’ll even feel guilty for just having to go to sleep at night!


Dennis Aimes is a writer and insurance advisor offering private health insurance from HBF Australia