The Great British Countryside

North Somerset has a wealth of historic sites and a rich heritage. Besides the beautiful architecture that you find in Tickenham and Burrington, you’ll also find beauty in the surrounding countryside. In fact, the great British countryside is ideally displayed in North Somerset.

Old And New

North Somerset has actually only been around since 2005! That’s because it was previously called North West Somerset, and before that, it was the Woodspring district in Avon. But, the land, the heritage, and the wildlife have been there for centuries, unchanged and pristine.



The ancient craft of falconry is alive and well in North Somerset, in Bath. Every single one of the reviews of West of England Falconry are 5 star ratings, as people experience the thrill of “walking a hawk”. You have to make an appointment, but that just means that you get one on one treatment with your hawker and a Harris hawk. Reviewers said they get to do all of the handling, and the walks through the woods and meadows are beautiful. The owner of West of England Falconry photographs you and the hawk as you enjoy the breathtaking countryside. Even non-hikers enjoyed the day, and the experiences they had are treasured.

West Somerset Railway

Enjoy the countryside from the comfort of a rail car with West Somerset Railway. This railroad trip will take you along a 20 mile ride from Quantock Hills to the picturesque Bristol Channel. The steam powered locomotive gives you the feel of a bygone era, and the frequent stops at unique stations offer a chance to enjoy a bygone era. The trip takes 90 minutes, and the coaches are comfortable and well-maintained. With over 250 5 star reviews, this is a great way to spend an afternoon.

North Somerset Butterfly House

All 5-star reviews go to the North Somerset Butterfly House. Where else could you find a tropical jungle in the middle of England’s westcountry? The area is filled with exotic plants that you only find in the tropics, and just as exotic are the many different types of tropical butterflies. If you watch “Live ‘n’ Deadly”, then you know of the “Bug Man”. He will show you around this fascinating place. Enjoy a beautiful afternoon for a reasonable price. Some visitors say that if you go on a warm day, the butterflies are more active.

Gordano Valley

Gordano Valley is a National Nature Reserve. This valley covers nearly 400 acres, and is “a biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest”, according to Wiki. The abundance of birds, insects, and plants make this area a popular hiking spot, with wild orchids and over 130 species of flowers growing there. There are even rare species of plants growing there, including water parsnip and whorled water milfoil.

Sand Bay

You can go camping at Sand Bay, and enjoy fishing and countryside views. This beautiful area gives you a chance to get away from it all without having to be isolated from civilization.




Ed Brooke loves writing about holiday destinations and generally interesting places. He lives in the wonderful County of North Somerset and really enjoys working at his local Bridgewater accommodation.