Going on a Ski Trip? a guide to ski and snowboarding safety

Snowboarding and Skiing holidays can be great fun - and both sports provide people with the opportunity to visit some very beautiful places, have fun and get fit all at the same time. Both however are extreme sports - so it must not be forgotten that there are real dangers that can be faced on the slopes. This guide includes the basic safety tips that should always be considered before hitting the slopes, whether your'e skiing or snowboarding.

Ski Helmets

The most important piece of safety equipment by far! Gone are the days of helmets not being ‘cool’ or only for people in ski schools. A proper fitting ski helmet can save a person’s life. It’s not only adventurous or reckless skiers that need to protect their head’s either; anyone can have a collision or fall both on and off the piste.Specialist apparel sites such as simplyPiste offer a wide variety of ski helmets and great advice if you're not sure what you or your family need.

Suitable Gloves

Having cold hands is not only unpleasant, it can lead to frostbite if you don’t have the correct insulation. Proper ski gloves should keep your hands warm whilst allowing enough movement to grip your poles. People who suffer from bad blood circulation or get cold easily should consider ski mittens as they tend to me warmer. You can also buy silk inner gloves and hand warmers to keep the warmer for longer. They are not too expensive, but do make a real difference.


Hopefully this is something that will not need to be used too often, but it is extremely important that you buy it. Make sure it covers ‘Winter Sports’ and off-piste rescue if you are likely to ski outside of the marked runs. If the worst happens and you need to be taken off the mountain then insurance will save you thousands. For example, a helicopter in the 3 Valleys is 36,000 Euros!! There are plenty of reasonable insurance companies out there so you don’t have to spend a fortune for cover.

Equipment Safety

Weather you hire ski equipment or have your own, you should always get a ski technician to adjust the bindings and fit the boots properly. If your skis are too lose they will pop off far too easily causing accidents and if they are set too tightly in the bindings then you risk breaking a leg if you fall and it doesn’t pop off. Ski boots should be tight to provide your ankle and foot with the correct support it needs. It will also make the skis more responsive to movement. The snowboaridng holiday guide suggest a number of precautions for snowboarding safety.

Read the Signs!

Conditions on the mountain are interchangeable and unpredictable so you must always read the signs that are put up by the experts. Certain routes are only allowed with an instructor, and many off piste areas are prone to avalanches. There are plenty of places to challenge yourself and have fun, but don’t risk your life by ignoring important information. Contributed by Joanna Gold, a catered ski chalets sales advisor at UK Ski company Interactive Resorts


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