Give the Gift of Adventure: Go Heli-Skiing


Heli-skiing is the ultimate thrill for any outdoor enthusiast who loves action and adventure. Heli-skiing is one of the newest, most popular extreme sports and appeals to all types of athletes. This sport is a form of downhill skiing where participants drop from a helicopter onto the course instead of using an ordinary ski lift to get height for the skiing run, allowing participants to actively engage with the thrill of flying and the adrenaline rush of jumping out of a helicopter. This activity is a must for any thrill-seeker who loves adventure, extreme sports or the outdoors.


One of the greatest benefits for participating in heli-skiing is the breathtaking views to encounter. British Columbia offers some of the most of the most incredible skiing locations not only in Canada, but in the entire world. Travelers from North America and Europe flock to British Columbia to enjoy the amazing views and incredible snow. Known as the heli-skiing capital of the world, the mountains in BC amass significant amounts of light, dry snow and achieve the perfect conditions for any skiing experience. The powder generated on these mountains makes the skiing feel light and effortless, and in British Columbia, nearly every day provides phenomenal conditions. BC heli-skiing provides a perfect combination of a gorgeous location and the ultimate excitement for a sport. These two factors combine to form a perfect spot for any vacation or, better yet, a new hobby.


When preparing for a heli-skiing adventure, there are a few necessary pieces of equipment for your trip. Often, this equipment can be rented from local lodges or program facilitators, but those who plan to ski often may wish to purchase their own equipment to save money on rentals and to have specialty equipment to fit their personal needs. Obviously, any skier will need the necessary apparel for warmth, such as a heavy ski jacket and pants, ski gloves, hat, neck warmer and goggles. As with other forms of skiing, heli-skiers will use ski poles and skis. In addition to this normal gear, heli-skiers will also need a backpack in order to carry another necessity -- avalanche rescue gear -- in the event of an emergency. Additional equipment, such as probes, glacier travel gear, shovels and other equipment may be necessary depending on the heli-skiing area. To find out more about the necessary and optional equipment you may need, consult the staff at any local ski lodge or heli-skiing facilitator.


Heli-skiing is an incredible adventure for any skiers at the intermediate level or higher. To find out more information or to book your heli-skiing adventure today, check out Great Canadian Heli-Skiing located in the heart of British Columbia or visit them online at for more information about planning the heli skiing trip of your dreams.