Furnished Apartment Can Be Just What You Need To Make Your Business Travel More Enjoyable

Annually lots of business traveler comes to Canada in the intention of transacting with Canadian firms. However, there are some spheres which need to be given attention to for a comfortable stint there. This is important as it gives the assurance of a problem free business dealing there.

Why should you go for it? 

There are some documents which need to be present at the time of arrival Passport and travel documents with the required validity

Resident visa (optional)

An acknowledgement letter from the parent enterprise along with an invitation letter from the Canadian business and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Additional copy of the contract

Contact details of your business company in Canada

Proof of your sound financial status

I   I have personally an important development in Canada which needs to be mentioned for thebusiness travelers there. Many executive suites have come up where the traveler can stay in comfortably. Integrated with all the desired facilities needed by a business traveler, they are the perfect option.

Why should you go for it? 

·         While moving to a new apartment, you are already overburdened with lots of responsibilities like - choosing the location depending upon the availability of schools and hospitals, as well as other amenities. So it will be wise not to take the load of shopping and arranging the furniture as well. 

·         Often, it turns out to be less expensive. 

·         You will get rid of the entire planning session – on how to arrange, which furniture to buy and so on. 

·         You will not require the services of an interior decorator to arrange your belongings in the right place. 

·         You don’t have to bother about moving your furniture safely and securely. 

·         If you are planning to live in an apartment for a short while, nothing can be better than this. A fully furnished flat will serve all your needs. 

·         You don’t need to be in the confusion of selecting each and every furniture by visiting different shops; you can just go for a set of furniture that suits your need as well as taste. 

Factors that you need to keep in mind while opting for a furnished apartment: 

In the case of hotels it has been seen that if you go for additional services like booking conference rooms for meetings then the hotel authorities can pamper with you extra services. However, this is also optional and does not always happen. In case of a suite you can easily go for the ones with separate living and dining room and then can accordingly use the living space for your meetings. Feasible to the core, they are actually a great option for the business traveler. 

·         Consider the length of your stay; also give a thought to issues like how much time and money will you devote for furnishing and decorating. 

·         Ask yourself what are the things that you will need other than the facilities provided by the owner. Like whether you would prefer T.V., cable connection, internet access etc.

How do you find them? 

·         The easiest way to find these apartments is to locate agencies that will give you information on furnished apartments. They can give you addresses of the apartments that offer extra home appliances and services like high speed internet access and cable T.V. If you are on a business tour, apartments with these facilities can be a good option. 

·         Another way to get information about them is to search through rental listings.

The furnished apartments vary in terms of the services. Some provide very basic necessities like a bed with a nightstand, a dining room and living room furniture where as some provide high-end services.

Furnished Apartments You Can Go For: 

·         Extended Stay Hotel or “Apart-hotel” – These are located at city centers and offer 24 hour reception. They range from a budget apartment with one room to a deluxe suite. It also provides the variety of Studio Apartment (a single room which can be used both as sleeping and living area, with a little kitchen and a separate bathroom.

 ·         Corporate Housing – These are residential properties which are given for rents and provided with household services like cleaning, laundry, utility services, local taxes, phone and television. 

In my personal experience, I have come across the necessity of some stuff in every business strip. For me it is iPhone and well-designed travel bag which are really helpful to me. Having multiple characteristics, they are a real help. It is essential that you have a rolling briefcase which lets you carry the stuff easily without hurting yourself. For those who go seldom to business trips, you can go for some inexpensive options as well.

 If you are on a business tour to Calgary or simply want to choose it as the location of your dream holiday, you need not worry. There are lots of furnished apartments in Calgary, which you can rent for whatever time span you need to. You will be provided with all sorts of services mentioned above.

Andy Steven is an experienced and avid traveler and has been traveling around Asia and North America for its import and export business on wrought iron since 1978 but hasn’t stayed in one nation state for more than 6 months during the last 5 years


Best to get it booked through your employer

Excellent and carefully written article, but I let the employer take all the trouble, after my past experiences in India and Middle East.