Fun in Fiji

Ah, Fiji. Just thinking about it conjures images of palm trees, beautiful white sand beaches, tropical fruits, and all of the pampering and relaxation you can stand. For me, I think of Jim Carrey in the film “The Truman Show,” when his love interest is dragged away by her father, who yells that they are moving to Fiji because it is on the exact opposite side of the world. That’s how I feel about Fiji – it is the place that is the farthest away from the world where I live.

For Australians and New Zealanders, Fiji is quite the popular vacation destination, similar to the Caribbean islands for North Americans. For us North Americans, it is a much more exotic locale, involving a nearly 24-hour airline flight.

There are luxurious resorts and spas to be found or indigenous people-style private palm roof huts or romantic chapels catering to couples who want their wedding to be extra-special.  Family-friendly resorts are also available. The range of accommodations includes everything from budget-friendly basic hotels and hostels, to incredibly pampering properties that cater to your every wish.

Fiji, like many of its island neighbors, boasts tropical temperatures year-round, with minimal variations. Unlike North America, the warm season is November through April, with the cooler season May to October. (Note that the average temperature in the cool season is still a wonderful 72 degrees!) Rainfall is heavier during the warm season and there is generally one cyclone per year.

Now, what to do you when you actually get to Fiji? Absolutely anything you want! Watersports include swimming, snorkeling and diving in some of the most amazingly clear and stunningly beautiful waters anywhere. For boating activities, you can go on whitewater rafting trips down several interior rivers; you can also rent an outrigger canoe or kayak and tool around on the ocean. On foot, you can explore the rainforest and backpack around the outer islands.

For the more adventurous out there, you can take a hot air balloon ride around the islands, for some of the most spectacular views on earth. Mountain bikes are available for rental, as are jet skis. Take a ride on a fast jet boat or go parasailing over the beaches.

Accommodations range from average (for the budget-conscious, especially if you plan to spend little time in your room) to the completely luxurious. Fiji has some of the best 5-star resorts and spas in the world, where the friendly staff will cater to your every whim. Relax with a full body massage, enjoy exquisite fine dining, and dance the night away in one of the many nightclubs.

Fiji is also well-known as a honeymoon hotspot, and the excellent planners can arrange your dream wedding, exactly to your specifications, with no hassle or stress for you. Imagine, starting your new life off in such an astonishing and memorable place.

Or you can lie on the pristine white sand beaches, in front of the amazingly clear turquoise water and do absolutely nothing at all. Whatever you want, it’s all right there for you!


For further information regarding Fiji vacations, check out Escape to Fiji! by Jeanette Sloane, a freelance writer and travel enthusiast.




Fiji is a beautiful country,

Fiji is a beautiful country, there is no doubt about it. I never have had the opportunity to visit Fiji, but definitely I will try to go there.