Four Tips to Reduce Travel Stress

Even though it is supposed to be fun, traveling can be stressful. Hunger and discomfort can make travelers grumpy, giving the trip a bitter feeling. However, with good preparation, stress can be significantly reduced, making the trip as enjoyable as it is supposed to be. With these four tips, travelers can take the stress out of traveling.


There are so many things that can go wrong during travel, and so many of them can be corrected with technology. A GPS devise or even smartphone with GPS can help show travelers how to get where they need to go without getting lost or running into a detour/construction. A cellphone can also help make important phone calls to the hotel or airline. An MP3 player or smartphone can also be a great way to listen to music and make it feel like time moves quicker. A handheld video game system or a tablet can help keep both kids and adults occupied for long periods of time.

Carry-On or Easy to Reach Bag

During a car trip, the luggage may be difficult to reach, and during air travel, passengers can only reach their carry-on. It is important to have proper supplies at hand. Snacks are a great item to have in an easy to reach bag. Both adults and kids may get hungry on the ride or flight, and a snack may be the perfect thing to help ebb away irritability caused by hunger. Secondly, it is a good idea to have some sort of activity in the bag, such as a tablet or ebook reader. It is also a good idea to have some medical supplies nearby, such as bandages, pain relievers, cold medicine and even allergy medicine.


Organization is key to having a stress free trip. There may be times when a traveler suddenly needs something, and if it is difficult to find, it can raise stress significantly. Travelers should have a specific folder with all the paperwork they might need, such as tickets, addresses, hotel reservations. Travelers should make sure any important phone numbers are also documented in their folder or in their cellphone. It may even be a good idea to have copies of important documents for a different person in the group to carry. Being organized and prepared for security checks, hotel check-ins and everything else will help to make the trip smoother and reduce stress.


Traveling can be uncomfortable. Tight clothes and unpleasant shoes can make it even worse. It is important to consider what clothes and shoes will be most comfortable while traveling. Secondly, pillows and neck rests may also be a good option for reducing pain and tension. By making choices that will help improve the comfort of the trip, travelers can make sure they do not become aggravated from uncomfortable seats, tight clothes or heavy shoes.


Traveling can be stressful, so make it fun again by following these four easy steps. By being properly prepared for a trip, travelers can reduce stress and enjoy the trip. No one wants to be irritated on a trip, and reducing stress is the biggest way to smooth way irritability and agitation.

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