Four Important Things You Have to Turn Off Before Going on Vacation

Gas Supply, Water SupplyWhile the prospect of going on vacation is very exciting, it can cause very eager would-be tourists to lose focus and forget the things they need to take care of before leaving. Apart from notifying your boss that you’ll be out for, say, two weeks for that fantastic trip to Seychelles, you also have to take care of some things that can be found right inside your home. If you don’t want to go home and find whopping figures in your utility bills despite the fact that you weren’t at home using anything, don’t blame your service providers that easily. It’s the kind of appliance and utility you leave behind running that can affect how much you have to pay in utilities when you return. Here are four important things you need to turn off before going on vacation:

Central Air-conditioning

If you’re going on vacation and nobody else will be left at home, it may be ideal to turn off the central air-conditioning altogether. Central AC systems can comprise as much as 60% of your electric bills, an amount which could be put to better use by paying for next month’s bills when you’re at home enjoying the well-conditioned home atmosphere. If you’re worried about draughts or even icicles hanging from you ceiling when you return, simply seal all windows and doors tightly before leaving, and there will be no way for them to enter the house or form.

Home Entertainment System

Believe it or not, some people leave their home entertainment systems turned on before leaving town. While the TV may not consume much when it’s turned off, it is still consuming electricity while waiting on standby. Add in the DVD or Blu-Ray Player, your high-definition speakers, and all the other gizmos attached to your home entertainment system, and that’s £10-20 worth of electricity bills you didn’t even get to use but have to pay for nonetheless.

Gas Heating

Remember the classic novel “Around the World in 80 Days” where Passepartout left the gas burning in his room the entire time they were travelling the world? If you don’t want to end up paying for gas bills for gas that you haven’t even used, shut off the gas heating before going out the door. Better yet, ask your gas provider to temporarily shut off the supply to your home for the entire time you’re gone. Apart from avoiding the gas bills, you also avoid miscellaneous fees attached to their gas service and ensure your property’s safety from freak accidents.

Water Supply

A drip or two from a faucet is often neglected by homeowners, but if you add in all the leaking faucets in the house (which is usually five to ten), then that’s about three to five buckets of wasted water a month. While it doesn’t sound that much, give some consideration to our brethren in Africa who walk for half a day just so they can bring home two jars of water. Besides, shutting off the water the entire time you’re gone (and making sure to fix all faulty faucets when you return), can help you save as much as £40 in water utilities in a year.

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Responsible management of the utilities and appliances in your house even while you’re enjoying your vacation a thousand miles away can help you save money when paying for gas and electricity bills. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above and you’ll get to save money (which you can happily use for your next vacation!).


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We also shutdown all the emergency power backup systems so as to avoid complete drainage of battery as well as tun off the mains power.