Five Weird Emergency Items To Have Inside A Boat

For first time and professional sailors, boat safety is a concern.  The only problem is that not everyone takes the possibility of an emergency seriously enough to pack essential items. Truth is that every boat needs to carry proper provisions in case of an emergency.

There are tons of helpful emergency kits available online or through local shops. Most of these are quite comprehensive and will provide first time or experienced seafarers a reliable collection of items in case a crisis happens.

Aside from store-bought kits, there are a few helpful (and unusual) items that would come in handy during a sea catastrophe.

The Rundown

1.) Pantyhose

For men who aren’t sure what this is, it’s actually a pair of women’s stocking. Although it’s a bit hard to imagine how this can be helpful in a boat emergency, this actually has some really cool uses. For instance, it can be used for filtering out dirty fuel or can be wound up and tied with a knot to act as a temporary fan belt. It can also work as a chum bag. Just place the chum inside and let it hang beside the boat.

2.) Potatoes

This might be known as a versatile food source but it’s also quite useful for boat emergencies. If certain plugs from the boat pop off, these potatoes can work as an instant plug. When cut down to the right size, they can seal up a hole without any problem. Moreover, if worse comes to worst; potatoes can also serve as a good source of nutrients.

3.) Wax Candles

Although they can serve as emergency lights, wax candles in boats can be very helpful for lubricating zippers or sticky cables especially the ones used for pulling the anchor and anchor chain. All that’s needed is a small swipe; afterwards just give it a little back and forth. This should help keep crucial boat safety equipment moving until there’s enough time to permanently fix the problem once on dock.

4.) White Vinegar

Useful in a variety of ways, it’s no surprise there are also uses for white vinegar while on a boat. In an emergency, white vinegar can keep mosquitoes away and it can also work as a first aid solution to horrible jellyfish stings. Even if it might not be helpful for a boat's marine electronics,  it is great for the boat’s mechanical parts. White vinegar is perfect for clearing out clogs in the boat’s head. For those who love to explore the water during colder times, vinegar can keep the windshield clear from ice.

5.) Huge Garbage Bags

These are definitely helpful for collecting and storing garbage on the boat, but they have a ton of important uses as well. For one, they can be used as an instant raincoat in case there’s unexpected rain. These huge garbage bags also work as patching for sails in case there are rips. Moreover, these bags can also be turned into instant rain catchment.   

Even though it doesn’t happen often, every time a boat heads out from the dock, there is always a slim chance something might go wrong. It’s a good idea to always be prepared. Apart from the standard emergency kits and supplies, there are a ton of unconventional items that are equally helpful.

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