Festivals Galore - Visiting The Cultural Hub Of Norfolk Virginia

When people go on holiday, far too many of them consider festivals to be something that is just for the locals. True, some may have more interest for local people, but so many will be a great day out for all the family. In Norfolk Virginia there are a number of festivals that should not be missed and with careful planning you should be able to get the most out of your time here.

Festivals should be fun or at least have a theme you have an interest in, or it could be that you turn up and find that there is nothing at all to interest you. With festivals in Norfolk it is clear from the beginning what you can expect and whichever ones you select you will not be disappointed.

The Wine Festival

Ok so this one may not be ideal for all the family, but will be for all the family who are old enough to drink. Classed as one of the 10 best wine locations, it is apt that the festival is held in Norfolk. Wine is not the only thing on offer as there is plenty of gourmet food along with the chance to buy some of the wines that have been tasted. The event which is held in October must be pre booked and as you can imagine is extremely popular.

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

This has a strong Asian theme as it is the festival that celebrates the end of the harvest. This is one festival were children will be welcome and a lot of the events will be centred round entertainment for them. Relaxation is of the essence as a lot of the time there will be performances to watch and before it ends there is a visit from the Moon Goddess.

Gospel and Jazz Festival

Taking place in October the festival is headlined by Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Along with the Chorale Le Chateau they will be performing 'Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration.

Then the Rest

Some festivals will appeal to a smaller audience and the Bacon Festival is one that could have a limited audience. It’s not that people do not like bacon, but a festival!!! There is a good side to this and it is extremely popular. Some of the money raised will go to the breast charity Beyond Boobs so the entrance fee will be well spent.

Arranging To Go to A Festival

When planning to go to one or more of the amazing Norfolk festivals it can be easy to book them day after day. While there is a lot of fun to be had, there is also a lot more to see in Norfolk and it would be a pity to miss out on sightseeing because you need a rest and are all worn out.

Festival Going Tips

  • Make sure you have booked if tickets are needed – so much time can be wasted travelling and then you can’t get in.
  • Ensure you know the way – even a short delay can spoil a festival and leave you playing catch up during the day.
  • Give yourself enough time – nothing spoils a festival like leaving half of the attractions unseen or sitting around because there is not much of interest.
  • Finally – dress appropriately – high heels don’t go well with a muddy field and check the weather just in case.

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