Far Away Travels; Volunteering to Work with Animals

An article offering helpful advice for gap year students hoping to travel abroad. With a focus on volunteer work involving animals this piece provides key travel locations and conservation destinations. For more information read on. Taking a gap year and giving yourself time to travel and gain new experiences is a great idea and one that will stand you in good stead for your future. Employers and Universities alike are always interested in potential employees and students who have shown maturity, drive and focus and applied themselves to gaining new skills abroad. However, it's a good idea to plan well ahead and have a clear idea of what you want to do, where you want to go and what things you want to focus on. For many this may be teaching, coaching or working in the field of health and medicine. For others it may be the chance to undertake voluntary work abroad with animals. This option is a popular one and will provide a wealth of experience for those keen to help others, learn more about animals and work within new groups and teams from other countries. If you're looking for just such work and experiences we've provided a few ideas about where you might choose to go and what these adventures might involve. African Adventures For a truly wild experience and the opportunity to spot the Big 5, why not volunteer to work at one of the game reserves on a conservation programme in Africa. Here you'll be asked to get stuck in with a range of tasks and activities. These range from game capture and feeding to caring for some of the most admired and respected of wild animals, including lions to elephants. Learning about the different types of animals whilst getting the chance to apply your new knowledge is a rewarding experience and you'll quickly start to feel part of day to day African life. Panda Rescue Alternatively, why not get involved in helping to save the Giant Panda and prevent its extinction by volunteering to travel and work in China. During your stay you'll have the chance to work with experts whilst also having the opportunity to explore the exciting local location and breath taking views of nearby lakes, waterfalls, parks and pagodas. Focused on the Panda, one of the most endangered yet most beautiful animals in the world this project is a valuable and rare opportunity for gap year students. Observing these fascinating creatures, you'll be able to work with local people, passing on key communication skills and helping to increase awareness of wildlife conservation and animal care. Whilst these two examples show the scope and range of volunteer work abroad there are many more options and choices to be had. From Cheetah conservation in Namibia and animal rescue work in Ecuador to Turtle conservation in Costa Rica and Lion Cub care in South Africa. Simply browse the options, make your choice and book your place. AUTHOR BIO: Sandra Owen is a regular contributor to travel journals and blogs. Her work spans a number of topics ranging from travel safety tips, voluntary work abroad with animals to reviews of the latest family and adventure holidays. A nature lover and an enthusiastic hiker, Sandra keeps an on-going journal of her ecological explorations.