Fantastic Food From The Deep South

The expression “soul food” is an apt description for the dishes originating from the South— Georgia, the Carolinas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Many of the local specialties served in diners and restaurants originate from West Africa and were brought to America with the slaves. Others are made from local ingredients unique to the Deep South. Whatever the origin of the dish — the one thing they all have in common is that they are delicious.

Deep Fried Chicken Just Like Momma Made

Fried chicken is a Southern specialty. Fried food in general is very popular, although the quality will vary between restaurants. Traditional fried chicken is eaten using the fingers, which can be messy, but is ideal for informal gatherings or barbecues.

Barbecue or Grilled Meat

The art of barbecue is a long and popular tradition in America, particularly in the Deep South. Spicy marinades and barbecue sauces abound, although the ingredients vary greatly across the different states. Coastal areas use mustard or vinegar as a base for their marinades whereas farther inland you are likely to find tomato-based sauces. Most barbecues are cooked outdoors and the meat is roasted for a long time to ensure it is tender and moist.

Fried Okra

Okra is a vegetable used in Southern dishes. Okra can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the best way is to slice it thinly and fry it in a pan. You may see fried okra and tomatoes on the menu, or it may come deep fried in crispy cornmeal batter.

Seafood in the South

Shrimp is popular in the South and will be served up boiled, fried or grilled. You may also come across shrimp stew, which is made from boiled fish, corn and potatoes. Fish stews are often served with fried hunks of cornbread, a local delicacy referred to as “hushpuppies” or “corndodgers” Cornbread is found all over the South and can be eaten with anything, sweet and savoury. It is best when eaten straight from the oven.

Whistlestop Café

Fried green tomatoes are a tasty dish served up in the South. Try eating fried green tomatoes with barbecue pork, as they add a nice citrus touch to a meal.

Soft as a Ripe Peach

Peaches are cultivated in many parts of the Deep South, as are blueberries. Look out for some home-made peach pies when you are out on the road and you stop off at a roadside diner for some sweet iced tea and a slice of freshly baked pie.

Nuts About the South

Pecans and peanuts are grown in this part of the world. Peanuts are used in a multitude of different dishes.

Hot Biscuits From the Oven

Fresh-baked biscuits, hot from the oven, are cut open and slathered with butter and jam for a sweet flavor. Sometimes they are dipped in hot gravy, too.

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Larry Radford loves food and enjoys trying new dishes wherever his travels take him. Last year he spent two weeks visiting some friends in Georgia, staying at the Clarion Inn Hotel in Valdosta Georgia and eating out every night. 


Deep fried chicken

is our all time favorite and perfect for a family get-together on weekends and other occasions,which is a southern specialty.