Famous Tourist Spots in Costa Rica – Perfect Family Vacation

A lot of tourists flock in the island of Costa Rica every year and most of them are families, couples and newlyweds. What really draw the attention of the visitors are the rivers, beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, wildlife and marine life in the island. There are certain species of animals and sea creatures that are only found in the country.

Costa Rica is one of the most amazing and beautiful countries in the world. It has the most beautiful coast line and dense forest that are considered by some people as a tourist paradise. If you plan the trip with you and your family there are a lot of preparations you must take. However, you need to consult uniktour.com about the details in booking your vacation. You must also research about the country and check if you want to go in some of its famous tourist spots.

Juan Santamaria Park

Recommended Places to go in Costa Rica

  • Juan Santamaria Park – The Park is named after a national hero. You can walk and stroll in the park with your family during a windy morning. You can see the cannons which are dated way back 1860.
  • Poas Volcano National Park – This is a real adventure for many vacationers. The park will give you a chance to see the crater of a volcano for real. If you want to be guided in this tour then you must hire someone who can possibly take you to the summit of a volcano.
  • The Central Cathedral – The cathedral is one of the most visited places in the country. This is a nice spot to watch beautiful parrots.
  • Lankester Botanical Garden – This is a perfect place for your family to stroll. In here you will see hundreds of plant species and variety of orchids.

Corcovado National Park


  • Corcovado National Park - The place offers a great opportunity to observe the wildlife in their habitat. Some of the animals you will see in the park are species of monkeys, various kinds of birds and wild cats.
  • Arenal Volcano – You can take a great adventure in viewing from a distance the Arenal volcano which is one of the active volcanoes in Costa Rica. The volcanoes’ eruption is a great view at night as you see the red lava glowing in the night.

Fortuna Waterfall

  • Fortuna Waterfall – This is one of the famous tourist spots in the country. You can enjoy swimming in the lovely stream and pool in the place or catch a glimpse if its native animals.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park – This is where you can see some of the amazing wildlife that is only found in the Costa Rica. This is the home of many iguanas, sloth, squirrels and white-faced monkey.

Costa Rica offers fabulous natural scenery for a family vacation. You will have an incredible experience watching the wild life, marine life, the vast greenery and various creatures including insects and amphibians. Spending a vacation in the country will provide opportunities for your family to find time for each other while enjoying the wonders of nature.