Facebook and Foursquare Scoring Points For Travelers in London

The UK-based hotel chain, with properties in London, Manchester and Heathrow Airport, will give guests an extra two hours in their room on the final day of their stay if they check-in on Facebook Places or Foursquare.

At this stage the project is just a promotion (running until the end of July 2011) but illustrates the way property owners are trying to embrace the increasingly popular trend to use location-based check-in tools to obtain discounts of extra services.

Once a guest has checked-in on either of the social networks they are then automatically given the additional time on the room if they show their mobile handset to reception staff.

Interesting use of social media in hotels with the Radisson Edwardian chain offering guests the chance to keep their rooms for longer if they check-in on location services.

The company recently started placing QR codes on its menus to give visitors detailed information about the each hotel’s restaurant.

The check-in project comes 12 months after the chain signed a partnership with digital marketing agency I-Spy, focussing in particular of social media-led initiatives.