Explore Los Cabos

Winter is quickly approaching, and as the holiday season nears, the weather is getting colder by the day. If you want to warm up this winter, consider taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Take a dip in the mild waters, sun bathe under a bright blue sky, dig your toes in the sand, and just relax. Read on for the best that Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

 A Quick Overview

Cabo San Lucas, more commonly known as Cabo, is located in the southern part of Baja California, Mexico. Cabo is divided into three main parts that tourists visit: old town, the main town, and the highway that connects the two parts of town (also known as San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and the Corridor). The most popular part of Cabo among tourists is definitely Cabo San Lucas, which is where the nicest beaches, fanciest hotels, and best nightlife is located. Most people get to Cabo via plane, and then take a taxi or bus to Cabo San Lucas, which is about 35-45 minutes away from the airport. The preferred currency in Cabo is pesos, but many places will also accept USD, especially for tips.

 Best Things to Do

When you're in Cabo, the possibilities are endless! Some of the most popular activities are snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, scuba diving, taking a cruise, golfing, or swimming with dolphins. You'll definitely want to try scuba diving, or if that's a little too risky for you, snorkeling. Cabo is known for having the most amazing coral reefs in the world, set in the clearest of waters: you won't regret trying it! Throughout Cabo, you'll find plenty of tour guides eager to take you out for a snorkeling tour.

 Hit up the beach: Another favorite among tourists is Chileno Beach. The beach, with its crystal clear waters and gorgeous sands will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for your next adventure. Tourists laud the beach for the many fish that swim right up to your feet, wonderful snorkeling, and as a perfect place to take an afternoon snooze under the sun.

 Visit the old town: The old town in Cabo is closer to the airport, but has far fewer tourists than the main town of San Lucas. The old town is filled with more traditional Mexican buildings, food, shops, and people, offering you a more authentic glimpse of the country. Because it's less populated, you won't feel rushed or bothered, and it can be a great part of your chaos-free vacation.

 Take Some Photos: Okay, this may not sound as exciting as the previous activities. But, if the photos you take are at Land's End, you won't be disappointed. Land's End consists of a bunch of rock formations that have been carved into interesting and unusual shapes. Known for its breathtaking views, Land's End overlooks Lover's Beach, which many couples like to stroll along, observing the ocean and sometimes even sea lions basking in the warmth on the rocks of Los Frailes.

 This article was written by Oscar Howard, world traveler.  He loves traveling and blogging.  Oscar recommends Del Mar Escapes if you are looking for a place to stay in Los Cabos.