Embracing the New World of Travel

At times we grow so accustomed to traditional and familiar travel experiences that we’re no longer cognizant of how exhilarating new ventures in life might be. For many individuals letting go of the past is a point of contention. Whether it’s how we travel, personal, business or family related - getting to the point of letting go is often a very difficult, yet in retrospect, liberating experience. In our personal lives, letting go can lead to new relationships, personal growth and novel feelings. In our travel lives, letting go can lead to brand new experiences. Comparing the process of letting go in our personal lives to how we travel may seem odd at first but there are similarities.


Breaking Our Travel Habits

I’m sure we all love a traditional cruise, family vacation to Disney and destination packaged flights with hotel stays for a weekend getaway. It’s tried and true. We’re comfortable with traditional forms of leisure travel because whether we have positive or negative experiences, we reach a point where choosing tried and true vacations becomes habit forming. If it’s intentional or not, we automatically follow the age old adage of going with the flow. Do we stop to think how better things might be if we ventured in a new direction? Or do we allow ourselves the opportunity to imagine new possibilities? One thing we can do is begin to explore new travel opportunities.


The New World of Travel

Arthur Frommer, the nation’s foremost authority on travel focuses on emerging, non-standard, and non-traditional vacations in his most recent best-selling book, The New World of Travel. In it he discusses vacations that cater to the mind and spirit, and one of those alternative modes of travel is adventure travel. To further prove the public’s need for something new, AAA launched a survey in early 2011 and the results show more travelers are seeking non-traditional vacations while the appeal of traditional vacations is beginning to decline or improve just slightly. There are many vacation tour companies primed to deliver the most affordable vacation experiences.


Commercial Flight Woes: A Personal Reflection

A while back I was given the opportunity to travel on a business trip for a human resources tradeshow called SHRM, the Society for Human Resources Management. The expo took place in Atlanta, GA but unfortunately one of the takeways from the entire experience dealt with the realization of how hectic and troublesome commercial flights can be. The hassle-free nature of a non-commercial flight is an unknown luxury some have yet to imagine. Consumed by the constant reminders of how things are instead of how things might be…we cling to traditional travel. We might convince ourselves “This is just a means to an enjoyable end…my vacation.” But having to wait 40 minutes in a security check-in line is a less than stellar experience. Even in the event things go smoothly there are still hoops to jump through, the possibilities of delays and more - before you board your plane. Even so, we stick to what we’re familiar with and that makes us comfortable, regardless of how hassle-free our travel experience might be if we embrace something new.


“Without freedom from the past there is no freedom at all” – Krishnamurti