The Duffle Bag As An All-Around Travel Companion

Whether you’re heading to a nearby beach or to a far-off continent, a duffle bag can carry everything you need for a short or longtrip. Aside from providing an ample space for you to pack all your necessities in one luggage, it can also be very handy and flexible. Thus, a quality duffle is considered an excellent travelling companion by many.

Here are some great and helpful features a duffle bag can offer:

You can hold, sling, or roll it

Most duffle bags have grab handles and padded shoulder straps so one can choose between carrying them by hand and slinging them over the shoulders. Some even have backpack straps so you can carry them like backpack bags. Others also have built-in wheels for you to easily roll them around, especially larger ones that get too heavy to hold or sling over.

Sturdy and lightweight duffle bags usually weigh less than big and bulky suitcases. In that case, you can stuff more belongings in your big duffle without worrying too much about possibly exceeding your baggage allowance.

It comes in a wide range of sizes and designs

Duffle bags come in many sizes and designs, catering to different people’s needs and preferences. One can use a smaller, floral printed duffle bag to tote along while shopping or a bigger, neon-coloured one where you can put your foldable beach tent and other essentials for a week-long island hopping. Choose freely among chic and fashionable, cool and sporty, or plain and functional designs.

It can have sorting compartments

If you are an outdoor junkie who prefers to carry everything in one pack, a high quality duffle bag with internal and external compartments and pockets is great for organising and segregating needed materials.

Compartmentalised duffle bags provide you with sufficient space where you can put in extra clothes, swimwear, toiletries, gadgets, and even your portable beach tent for an overnight beach camp, without getting them mixed up with cooking wares, trail food, and other outdoor equipment. In the side pockets you can place materials that you can use for your immediate needs, such as flashlights, water bottles, Swiss knife, etc.

It is very flexible and versatile

Their usefulness in different activities other than travelling is clear proof that duffle bags are indeed highly flexible. Better functionality and convenience have been incorporated in duffle bag designs nowadays. The innovativeness of duffle bag makers have gone from sky high to way above the celestials.

For example, duffle bags can now easily transform from being just a small tote to a boulder bag, by way of creative and easy-to-follow techniques devised by their manufacturers. Just fold a few areas of the bag and add or remove some transient parts, and suit your duffle’s size and design to any setting.

They are easy to clean

Bags certainly need cleaning, not much for its aesthetics but for overall hygiene. A duffle bag, with its simple, cylindrical or rectangular form is practically easy to clean. Its nooks and crannies, where insects and bacteria usually lodge in, are readily accessible for cleaning.

They also dry faster, despite whatever material they’re made of, due to their hollow, gaping space that lets air flow in and out freely.

They provide great security and protection for your stuff

Thick, durable, and water-resistant duffle bags have been made to stand against harsh weathers and protect your belongings from the damaging effects of nature’s elements. Many products also come with security locks and anti-theft features.

In many duffle bags, extra, thick paddings and linings are added to provide better stability and protection. Internal buckles are also being added to better hold your things in place.

They can practically carry anything for all kinds of activities

From rugged, outdoor camps to the business and executive arena, duffle bags are highly indispensable and practical for all individuals in all situations. This is why they never go out of date, and their already exquisite designs and functionalities can only get better.

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By Debra Wright

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