Dropping WIFI in Hotels ? Then What is your Nationality !

Trivago the Hotel Comparison company coducted a study revolving around the idea of what  Amenities and Services will Guests drop in case of a Price Increase.

 The results of the Questionnare offered to more than 6,000 consumers, indicates that 21% of Portuguese, 15% of Brits and 14% of Italians would rather give up wifi in their hotel than television in exchange for cheaper rates. However, when it comes to American guests only 4% would forgo wifi while 20% said they would give up in-room TV. In Europe, only the Polish rated wifi over television services with 22% giving up the later and only 8% opting to give up wifi. In terms of other amenities, the majority chose to drop the mini-bar in exchange for cheaper rates while many were also happy to do away  complimentary toiletries and housekeeping services that they though was not an absolutee necessity over more basic elements such as air conditioning. The trends also reveal which cities have the highest overnight rate for the summer with London topping the chart at $293 followed by New York at $273. Vacation Spots with the highest rate are Monaco (France) at $456 for an overnight stay, Capri (Italy) at $336 and Ibiza at $313. Sounds Interesting !


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I've experienced such

I've experienced such incident of dropping Wi-Fi in hotels. That's one of the reasons why we moved on to hostel in malaysia. So far, the connections are stable and running fine.