Do you trust hotel safes?

Traveling to different parts of the globe can be one of the most enriching parts of life. There are a wide variety of places in the world that are worth checking out. Travelers can enjoy the impressive beauty of mountain vistas in the Himalayas or in North America, or they can visit beaches in the Caribbean Sea with their relaxing and warm turquoise waters. I prefer beaches, but there are others who prefer more active vacations that include long hiking journeys or rock climbing. Regardless of where you plan to travel, carrying around all of your valuables can be a huge pain. It can also be dangerous. Leaving them laying out in your hotel room is not a good idea. To alleviate this problem, many hotels in popular resort areas provide safes for their guests to protect their valuables. Some hotels charge a fee for the use of the safe. Others allow for free protection of valuables.

The Benefits of Using Hotel Safes When using this option for protecting your valuables, you are definitely taking more precaution than the person who merely leaves their wallet or passport on the nightstand or in a hotel drawer. Locking up important documents, jewelry and money keeps you from needing to take them to the beach. Beaches are usually not terribly secure. In many parts of the world, they are public property with no restriction on who accesses them. Leaving valuables in a beach bag is a bad idea. You should secure them in your room to protect them.  The Negatives of Using Hotel Safes There are, no doubt, a few examples of people having their valuables stolen even after taking this precaution to protect their valuables. Cash and credit cards can be taken. However, the likelihood of this happening is much less when the items are locked up. Planes crash, but this is a relatively rare occurrence. This does not keep people from flying in huge numbers. Likewise, just because some safes are breached does not mean that they should not be used. The vast majority of people use them without any problem.  There is also the possible problem of a forgotten access code. This should not be a major problem because hotels are quick to reset the code for each new customer. Of course, this access by hotel personnel might be a reason for concern to some people. It is not likely that every hotel maid will have access to the code so there should be little reason for concern. Keeping valuables secure is a major concern for many people who go on vacation. This should not be a reason to stay home. Many hotels have in-room safes that guests can use to protect their wallets or jewelry. These features are usually quite secure and provide another level of protection for people who may be concerned about the threat of theft. Using security precautions is a better option than leaving valuables in a drawer or taking them to the beach or on a tour.

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Harvey Brodach is a manager of Gloal Safe Corporation, the leading hotel safes company.


I've seen and read such cases

I've seen and read such cases in some cases but I do am sure that they're taking every legal move regarding this issue. My suggestion to that is, they should take a paper discovery for them to have more legal process on the investigations. This should merely help on the lawsuit concerns.

No, not at all

I dont trust safes or vaults or whatever it is, and even if the hotel is a reputed one, I would not keep valuables.

It depends on what kind of

It depends on what kind of hotel I am staying in. If it is a hotel with good reputation, I may use the locker. If not, I may just keep everything inside my hotel room.

I cant use it

I can never use an hotel save. Well, that looks as if I love money right? Lol. I prefer to use my brief case with my coded lock. It makes me feel save.I also do not share my brief case code with anyone. Not even my fiancée.