Discover the key to a fabulous family holiday

 Holiday makers like to discover the spectacular sights, sounds and smells of a new destination. The sooner, the better. For most, sleeping becomes nothing more than a necessary pause – or annoying interruption – to all the fun they’re having. And they certainly wouldn’t dream of ‘staying in’. Ever.  

The hotel becomes a transit stop, a place to grab a shower and freshen up.

But if you’re on the road with your family, your choice of accommodation becomes more important. It’s not just a matter of resting your weary heads on the pillow and crashing out. You’ll be spending more time there. So you’ll need a more homely space than a hotel where you and the rest of your tribe can rest and relax.

Your family will need serenity and a comfortable environment to return to after a busy day. Or even during a busy day. You want to give your young kids enough space to play and make a crazy mess with their toys – without tripping over them and breaking your ankle. They can make an absolute racket without disturbing anyone. So you can breathe out there. You can give your teenagers their own bedroom (but don’t count on them thanking you for it).

If all this sounds ideal for you, then you probably need to book your family into a short stay or short-term rental for your next holiday. Pronto. Many families already are.

Holiday rentals are a hugely popular and cost-effective alternative to hotels or motels. It’s long been a trend in Europe and Canada, but the rest of the world seems to be catching on fast.

You’ll be spoilt for choice.  Short-term family accommodation ranges from holiday houses and apartments, to villas and units. For the curious at heart, there are quirkier options such as farm stays. For a touch of class, you can have one with a courtyard garden, swimming pool or beach access.

While style and cost varies, most short-term family holiday rentals have some things in common. They are usually fully furnished and fully equipped (think washing machine, dishwasher, internet, TV, DVD player, etc). Many are in fantastic locations close to public transport, shopping, eateries and tourist hotspots. If you have a precious pooch at home, you might even be able to bring him or her along, and they’ll adore you forever.

Short stay rentals for families offer space, comfort and affordability.

Something else to consider: while you might assume that luxury apartments are not geared to families, think again. Many specifically cater to this market, offering children-friendly services and facilities.

While the range of choice out there might seem overwhelming, enjoy the process. Get the kids involved. Once you’ve found the ideal short term rental for your family, check for availability online and book ahead. If you have any questions, visit the FAQs page on the relevant website or contact the customer service line.   

Chances are your family will love their new ‘home away from home’ so much, you’ll have to drag them out for sightseeing.

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