Delta Airlines Expanding Routes to South America

Delta Air Lines the leading Airlines in the United States that is headquartered in College Park, Georgia, which airline operates an extensive domestic and international network serving all continents except Antarctica. Delta and its subsidiaries operate over 4,000 flights every day. The airline's Airport Base or Hub is Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport in Atlanta is the world's largest, and since 1999 the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic (88 million passengers per year)..

Delta Airlines announced that it will expand and increase its flight services to some Latin American destinations.

The airline said that it will introduce new weekly flights between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Liberia, Costa Rica, starting January 2012. The flight service will be operated round-the-year once-a-week every Saturday.

The airline also said that an additional weekly flight service will be introduced between Atlanta and Brasilia, Brazil. This weekly flight service will later be upgraded to daily service beginning December 12, 2011.

Apart from this, the Delta Air Lines also disclosed that it will add two new weekly flight services between Detroit and Sao Paulo. The flight services will later on be upgraded to daily service starting December 19, 2011.

Flight Schedules:

Minneapolis-St. Paul – Liberia

Flight No. 379 – Departure: 9.10 am – Arrival: 2.30 pm – Frequency: Saturday

Flight No. 380 – Departure: 3.20 pm – Arrival: 8.50 pm – Frequency: Saturday

Atlanta – Brasilia

Flight No. 221 – Departure: 8.41 pm – Arrival: 8.16 am (next day) – Frequency: Daily

Flight No. 222 – Departure: 11.38 pm – Arrival: 5.33 am (next day) – Frequency: Daily

Detroit – Sao Paulo

Flight No. 257 – Departure: 7.55 pm – Arrival: 9.45 am (next day) – Frequency: Daily

Flight No. 256 – Departure: 11.35 pm – Arrival: 7.25 am (next day) – Frequency: Daily