Delightful summer trip to Asia

Summer is approaching and you guys must be thinking of having perfect vacation this summer.Summer is something we usually all look forward to. The days become both warmer and longer, the sun shines, and the holidays provide us plenty of time to go out and enjoy ourselves.And most probably, tripping to Asia will be most delightful place.Asia, as we all know is the largest continent among all other continents on the planet. It is also one of the most populous of them. So quite naturally it has many places that are worth exploring as tourists for first timers as well as regulars. Asia is a continent where u can see both highs as well as lows. By highs and lows it is meant that in Asia you will find beautiful sea shores and beaches as well as the mountains and hills. In fact, the highest mountain range in world, the Himalayas is in Asia only. Asia is just a complete treat for the mind, body and the soul.

Although, there are so many beautiful countries in the world with wonders and overwhelming landscapes but you will diverse traditions, varied lifestyles, cultural heritage, colorful fairs and festivals only here in Asia.There are various places of interest in Asia.If you are a beach person you have loads and loads of options around in Asia.The best beach destinations in Asia are, Bali in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Phuket in Thailand, Goa in India.Now, if you are mountains focused man then you have lots of options too.The Himalayan range as is well known the largest and tallest mountain range in the world. You can go for simple vacation on the hillside or also arrange trekking trips for you and your family.The Siberian Altai Mountains give the viewer a breath taking experience. The entire range of The Himalayas is it from India or Nepal or any other country give the viewer a feeling of being puny in front of the power and force of nature. 

If you are looking to pay your visit in forest areas and really likes to tripping in the natural beauty then you can choose Vietnam this country located on the eastern Indochina Peninsula has mostly hilly and dense forest areas. It is a thin land of natural beauty which traces down at the eastern edge of South-East Asia with an extraordinary natural beauty. Some of the best ravishing touring destinations in Vietnam is Halong Bay,Hanoi City,Hoa Lu and many more.Planning for a holiday at Vietnam is quite good idea as it has beautiful deserted beaches, magical rock formations, steamy waterways and dramatic mountain ranges. A place known as Saigon crackles 24 hours a day and Capital city of Vietnam- Hanoi is full of distinct charm where old buildings overlook avenues buzzed with motorbikes. 

Among the countries who has great rituals and tradition, Cambodia is the finest of them all.This country comes under the 80 most populous counties in the world. The religion followed by a majority of the natives in this country is Theravada Buddhism. This is the oldest branch of Buddhism followed by the disciples of Lord Buddha. The landscape of the country consists mainly of low lying plains which has low hills all around. The hilly area also has The Great Lake or the Tonle Sap as it is called in the local language. The Mekong River flows from the eastern side of the country and goes down south. 

So what are you waiting for?GO ahead and plan your trip and have a wonderful travel experience this summer. 

Author Bio: Chris, an expert tourist guide for holidays & tours has a good knowledge of ravishing tour destinations. Through his experience, he listed out some of the most visited tourist places throughout Asia.