The curious case of hotels and rental apartments in Dubai

Dubai has become the top tourist destination of the world and despite the alarmingly crazy accommodation prices, we all want to visit Dubai once in a life time and see the Burj Khalifa just to witness whether we can see the top without cracking our necks, a feat which we always fail at.

So who won’t like to reside in the tallest residential block of the world, also known as Dubai Marina, and have a nice evening looking at the dying sun far across the distant horizon from your apartment in the clouds? Though Dubai makes it all possible for you but the costs of living at one of those hotels is normally categorised as “crazy.” The rents, as observed on the listings of are still a bit digestible for a layman but there is a catch in it as well.

Most of us think that while staying for about a month it would be best to hire an apartment for rent in downtown Dubai instead for a hotel room or a villa to cut the costs but with the new laws, it could turn out to be a failed strategy. Why? Simply because the Government of Dubai has passed a resolution that anyone who is staying in Dubai for lesser than a year could not rent an apartment and has to stay in a hotel. Furthermore, the most understanding landlords compel you to pay the rent of the whole year in a single cheque.

The Hotels on the other hand are too grand to miss and the service is one of a kind. In my opinion, it would be much better if one was to stay in a hotel as opposed to renting an apartment. Hotels are luxurious and if you know the right one, you may enjoy the rich Arabian texture and the interior which is one of the rarest in the world. The services are awesome and the views from the windows, remarkable!

Now as for the curious case of the hotels and apartments, it is deemed that the new rental law was passed by the government with the aim of promoting the hotels and tourism in the Emirate of Dubai. Whatever the aim of the government might be, to me it is a clear calling to a short stay in Dubai. You can enjoy all the amenities and luxuries of the emirate and get home soon if you want to save yourself from extra expenditure.

What is on the bright side of this curious case is the fact that the emirate of Dubai is offering really good jobs at a very attractive salary packages. The best part is that if you get employed in one of the Government owned firms, then you can even have a housing allowance which will pay for your rental apartment. So, if we look closely, what the Government is actually offering is a brief teaser stay as a tourist in one of the luxurious apartments and if you like the emirate you can return, secure a job and get settled in one of the most desired places of the world. The move is attractive but the choice is yours! Good luck!

Author Bio: Aqsa is a marketing analyst and a dedicated writer in and she has been sharing her expertise in writing articles on travelling and Dubai real estate and properties for many years.