Cocktails In Marylebone Around High Street

After a long day in the office, nothing quite whets the appetite for nightlife like a lingering stop for a Marylebone cocktail. Fortunately, unless you establish a favorite stop, Marylebone features a variety, just around Marylebone High Street, to take the dry out of your whistle.

Let’s make a first stop right in the heart of Marylebone at the Marylebone. The dark gray exterior with a cartoon sign of a red-and-yellow-vested imbiber on the corner of Marylebone High Street and Moxon, is a hint that inside, you leave the drab, exterior world behind. With live music every Tuesday and Sunday night, there has been a drinking establishment on this corner since 1864! The dark gray actually extends into the interior on the ceiling and down the length of the bar, leaving it to the patrons and the specialty in-house infusions to give color and light. They do it well.

Up Marylebone High Street a few blocks to the corner on Paddington will find the Coco Momo café and bar, this time attired in light, pea green with its colonnade of arches framing the windows. Outside, tables in the open air allow greeting of passers-by, some of whom have been walk-in celebrities like Vanessa Redgrave and some of the Harry Potter cast. With seasonally-seasoned cocktails and a great meal menu, one wonders whether the patrons could ever be better than the food and drink. We don’t think so!

Perhaps you have already had an evening meal of Caesar or smoked salmon salad and a charcuterie sandwich like wild boar or venison salami or lamb and rosemary carpaccio and you’re now savoring an after-dinner signature cocktail, all in the warm, quiet candlelight atmosphere. You can only be at 108 Marylebone, off the Westside of Marylebone High Street on Marylebone Lane.

A North African surprise is waiting on James Street, a long block north of Oxford, for Moroccan cuisine with a French flair at Ayoush. Either upstairs in an airy, casbah décor or downstairs in the dark, romantic cavern, the atmosphere is romantic and exotic. But in either environment, wines and beers with dinner are followed by both classic and signature cocktails like the Moroccan Mule with minted citron vodka and ginger beer, or Berry Dance with kurant vodka and a blend of melon and berry juices. You never had these at Rick’s in Casablanca!

The last stop on our cocktail tour of Marylebone is not really cocktails, but is a unique spirits establishment on Chiltern Street’s eastside, Cadenhead’s, a whiskey shop and tasting room featuring Scotland’s oldest independent purveyor of fine whiskies established in 1842. Cadenhead’s is mainly a retail shop for purchase of a variety of whisky blends and other spirits, but the tasting room – limited to twelve people only – features 6x15ml whisky samples from around Scotland, each a different type of cask maturation. You are also treated to a history of whiskey making and an informative review of each distillery. This brief tour is just a taste of the delights waiting for the connoisseur of classic and signature cocktails featured at various establishments on and around Marylebone High Street. Cheers!