Car Hire Tips When Abroad

There is no greater convenience when it comes to travel in foreign countries than having a personal car at your disposal. Not only can you travel in comfort, but driving yourself around will give you a chance to learn the ins and outs of the region more intimately than if you had to hire a taxi or use a bus. Before hiring a car, be sure that you are permitted to use your license in that country. Of course, having an international driving license makes this easier.

Driving conditions It is also advisable to look up driving conditions in the areas you plan to visit. If you are going to travel on off-road conditions, you are better off asking for a 4x4 than a sports car. Also, be sure to confirm what kind of extras are on board, such as GPS navigation systems. If it is too expensive for your taste, you may want to pick up a map on the way to the car hire desk. Book ahead of time   It is always best to book a car ahead of time where possible. This way, not only will the car you want be available when you arrive, but the cost is often cheaper. Handling the details before travelling ensures that the cost of hiring the vehicle has already been settled. You can arrange for this by making your booking online. In some cases, arranging for car hire through your travel agent can also give you more discounts. If you have an AA membership then look into what benefits that can be gotten from it, if any. Be sure to make comparisons before making a decision. Car hire excess insurance   Another benefit of planning ahead is getting deals on insurance. Research has shown that many holiday and business travellers pay unnecessarily high car hire fees on and buy excess insurance when they fail to pre-plan. Planning ahead ensures the traveller finds a good insurance deals to pay as little as possible should there be an accident or other damages to the car. There are many independent insurance providers who offer very comprehensive and cheap excess cover policies. Be sure to arrange for the cover prior to travel and avoid getting hit with unexpected charges when you are picking up your rental. Car hire fees  If you are a novice traveller, remember that the car hire fee is separate from what you will pay for fuel. Be sure that you look up the fuel prices in the country, calculate the amount of driving you will do and budget accordingly. Fuel prices are constantly fluctuating so allow for a good sized margin of error. Finally, be sure to look up which side of the road you are meant to be on and take heed of road signs. You do not want to add the cost of speeding fines to your holiday budget. If in doubt, take your lead from other drivers and practice defensive driving.

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Tips for car hiring when driving abroad generally include the price comparisons and car hiring deals. It is essential to book the car at prior because rental rates are always high when you renting a car online 24 hours before. Always check for the insurance policies before hiring a car.
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