British Virgin Islands A Perfect Introduction To Sailing

If you enjoy sailing, but are relatively inexperienced, the opportunity to go sailing in the Caribbean may seem just a pipe dream. Joining a flotilla holiday in the British Virgin Islands may turn it into a possibility, as you are never far away from any assistance you may need.

First Impressions You may feel slightly intimidated when you first see your boat as they are bigger than you might expect, luxurious and very well equipped. When you arrive you will be given a quick demonstration of the essentials you need to know. Most of the supplies you will need for the week will have been pre-ordered and left on board for you. You will then be able to go ashore, explore the area and get any last minute supplies you need. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from for dinner before settling in for the night.

The First Day The first thing will be a very thorough briefing covering all you need to know about the yacht and where you are going to be sailing. The main advantage of flotilla sailing holidays is that you are never far from help if you need it, but you have all the independence of your own yacht. By the time you are ready to leave the harbour all your questions will have been answered, but you are bound to feel a little trepidation as you navigate out of the harbour into open water. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily the boat handles and you will soon be in open clear blue water. Now you will be able to relax a little and enjoy a leisurely sail to your next destination. Line of sight navigation and the steady trade winds make the whole process easier for less experienced sailors. You will be able to moor to a buoy and find everything that typifies the Caribbean - clear blue-green water, palm trees and white sand. Here you can chill out and relax, either with a group from the flotilla or just your family, the choice is yours.

The Rest Of The Week Being able to visit so many different islands is a feature of flotilla sailing holidays. Although your itinerary is set out, your time is your own as long as you reach your destination each day by the allotted time. Your flotilla leader will be around if you need any help or advice throughout the week. Highlights of this kind of holiday are the beautiful white sand beaches you are able to enjoy every day, exploring different islands and the wildlife you come across. Some of the islands are busier than others, with plenty of water sports on offer for the more energetic holidaymaker. For people who enjoy exploring interesting markets, the shopping on some of the islands is very enjoyable with artisan markets and shops selling local produce. There are so many islands you won't be able to explore them all, but make sure you don't miss the Little Sisters group of islands where Robert Louis Stephenson gained inspiration for Treasure Island. You can anchor in the Bight, a sheltered anchorage on the west of Norman Island and visit Treasure Point and the famous caves. Here you can snorkel deep into the shallow water of the caves, using an underwater torch to see all the exotic sea life.

A flotilla holiday in the British Virgin Islands is a great way to gain experience of sailing in these waters. Help is always close at hand if you need it and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with other members of the flotilla if you wish.

AUTHOR BIO: James Williamson is a writer who specialises in children's literature. He was unsure about flotilla sailing holidays before visiting the British Virgin Islands, but now would not hesitate to recommend a Caribbean sailing vacation.


I have never done sailing

I have never done sailing before, but I am sure it is a very entertaining activity. I may research more about British Virgin Islands, if I decide to go there.