Best Places to Live in London

Best Places to Live in London

London has always been a bustling city, home to a vast array of culinary and cultural delights. People of all backgrounds and tastes may be found amongst the throngs of people who bustle home from work each day, looking forward to a night spent enjoying some of the entertainment that this great city offers. Recently, London’s popularity with the rich and powerful became much more evident, as overseas buyers snapped up over £2 billion worth of newly-built central homes. Of course, you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to live in a trendy area of the city - although it definitely helps. Read on for a list of the best places to live in London.

Kensington and Chelsea - For the Young and Wealthy

Heirs, heiresses, and lottery winners, line up: this is where you want to live if you’re a millionaire and 20-something. With recent figures showing that the average price for a home here is a cool £1.6 million, Kensington and Chelsea are two London boroughs which are far from the reach of 99% of society. With the sort of demographic that these places contain, you can probably guess what the facilities are like. Fantastic restaurants and unbearably hip bars are plentiful, and after that you can carry on your night into the early morning at one of the upmarket clubs, where you could be rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Though the shopping is to die for, family-friendly facilities such as schools and easy access to healthcare are not as well-represented in these areas.

Shoreditch - For the Bohemians

Formerly, Shoreditch was a traditional East End location - predominantly working class, suffering symptoms of urban decay. That all changed with the digital revolution, however, when numerous internet-related firms began descending on the area and buying up old warehouses to serve as trendy new offices. With these companies, of course, came their workers, and now Shoreditch can claim to be one of the hottest nightspots in the nation. Check out Curtain Road or Brick Lane for great clubs and pubs. A property to rent can be had relatively cheaply.

Islington and Fulham - For Child-free Professionals

Although Kensington and Chelsea are the most desirable locations for the young, they are out of reach for most. Boroughs such as Islington and Fulham maintain a trendy, liberal reputation whilst average home prices across the two are £500,000 - £600,000. Residents are treated to a varied social life, with a central location and easy access to great nightlife and cultural attractions, including gig venue Islington Academy. If you can afford to stay here after having kids and don’t mind the relative lack of greenery, you’ll be pleased to know that the schools are good and crime is low.

Peter Doherty is a blogger, real estate expert and proud resident of London.


I love Chelsea

Chelsea is a great place to be. The serene environment neat and healthy environment is another thing to talk about. Visiting London Last year was my first and Chelsea was lovely.