Best Places to Experience a Foreign Culture

Alongside many other benefits, traveling to different parts of the world also allows to come across different cultures and learn new things about different customs. However, there are various nations and tribes in the world that can turn out to be quite hostile to you if you happen to find yourself in their territory. On the other hand, you can also enjoy some authentic and locally owned tribal encounters without any real trouble. Following lines disclose five most exciting and beautiful places where you can experience another culture in its full glory and zenith.

Island life with the Kuna, San Blas Archipelago, Panama:

This mesmerizing archipelago in Panama comprises of just more than 400 islands and is the autonomous homeland of Kuala Yala. Here you can spend a great time in getting to know the indigenous Kuala people. The main attractions of the area are the sublime snorkeling and fishing and you can also take boat to visit from island to island to learn more about the proud Kuala history of resistance and independence.

Maori Culture & Spirituality, Waitangi, New Zealand:

Culture and traditions are still important for the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand although they have been comprehensively integrated in the modern society. In this regard, the chief of Nagapuhi tribe living in the Northern New Zealand welcomes his guests in his ancestral marae (a meeting place). However, in order to get there, you have to share a padding excursion in a Maori Waka (canoe) that is a real delight in its own sense. The whole area is exquisitely beautiful with perfect scenes to be captured in photographs and artworks such as photos on canvas prints.

Il Ngwesi Lodge, Nanyuki, Kenya:

The Il Ngwesi Lodge is the only luxury safari resort in the country that is administered and owned by the local Maasai people. The area is also one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya and is an ecofriendly and sustainable project operating successfully around Mount Kenya. Here, you are provided education and training about the Maasai culture alongside having the sublime opportunities to view wild animals.

Indigenous Aboriginal Culture, York Peninsula, South Australia:

York Peninsula in South Australia is still home to the aboriginal Ngadjuri and Adjahdura people who once dominated the country. These people are famous for storytelling and traditional topics include “Dreaming stories.”In these stories tales of the golden era of these people are recounted and when mighty megafuana (the giant rhinos, kangaroos and other animals that are creation of shared myths and memories of local tribes) roamed on these wildernesses.

Trekking with H’mong Around Spa, Vietnam:

You have to conquer treacherous cascades of rice paddies and difficult mountain tracks to get to the villages of H’mong people. Here you can do a considerable service to the local community by trekking with Sapa O’ Chau that literally means “Hello Sapa” and you will be enhancing the education and literacy of young H’mong guides. On the other hand, the entire area is also extremely beautiful for normal travelling perspective as well. The breathtaking sceneries and lush green rice fields invite you to photography them and make them even beautiful through techniques like Cheap canvas prints .

Conclusion: It is always nice and exciting to explore other cultures and learn something new about them. In this regard, you need to find a place where you can experience a local culture in its full blossom and above mentioned places definitely provide you an opportunity to do so.