Best Mid-Winter Break Travel Options

If you’re lucky enough to be out of school or work for a mid-winter break, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity! Don’t just sit around the house, watching television and eating fattening junk food. This is your chance to go somewhere new, and to have a great time. So, get ready to pack your bags, but before you do—check out this awesome list of great mid-winter travel destinations to find the perfect option for you.

Space Coast of Florida

Most people think of fun in the sun all year round when they think of Florida, but this area is actually a bit on the cooler side. However, depending on where you live, it might still be quite a bit warmer than what you池e used to, making for a nice change. In Florida, you can enjoy lots of fun activities, including an educational trip to the Kennedy Space Center, traveling to nearby Orlando and its theme parks, walking along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and even going ice skating. Best of all, it痴 easy to get a great rate on your travel and/or hotel fare during the winter months.

Snowshoe, West Virginia

Here you will find a stellar ski resort that just been freshly stocked with snow. You can enjoy 60 impressive trails and 15 lifts, and best of all, the price is right. Lift tickets tend to be cheaper than they are at many other resorts across the United States. Even if you池e not a skier, you can find something to do in Snowshoe. There is a happening night life, many great eats, and opportunities for tubing and indoor swimming.

Costa Rica

If you can stomach another snowfall and want to get out of your sweater for a while, Costa Rica is a top winter destination. The average temperature is an impressive 72 degrees, which is warm enough to stroll along a sandy beach, go sight-seeing, check out the plethora of natural parks, or book a fun outdoor excursion. As an added bonus, it痴 easy to get a good vacation package in the off-season, which is a great way to avoid the crowds that flock to the area in summer.

Las Vegas

When you think Las Vegas, you probably think casinos and gambling, but the city that never sleeps is a great place to go for a winter vacation as well. You can get a super-cheap rate on normally-pricy hotels, and it痴 not too terribly cold either. The average high temperatures in the winter can get into the 60s, which can be an escape for those coming from colder climates. The casinos are in full swing in the winter as well, so you can still try your luck and maybe even take in a show or two!


Even in the dead of winter, temperatures can reach about 64 degrees, and there are lots of fun activities to participate in. Book a horseback riding lesson or just spend your time chowing down on some of the finest Southern cuisine the world has to offer.

Janice Delacroix has her own preferred mid-winter travel location; Del Mar Escapes's luxury community of Cabo Villa hideaways.