The best destinations from each of 7 the continents.

Being a man that has travelled across the globe and visited countless places, i find myself to be extremely lucky. You may be asking, how does he do this? It’s simple really, I go on cruises! You get to see a huge group of places in one vacation, and they don’t even cost that much. I seriously recommend them to everyone, the food is awesome too.

Africa-the Virunga Mountains in the DRC/Rwanda/Uganda borders, possibly the best experience of my life. I cannot even describe the feeling you get when you come here. After an 8 hour trek through the rainforest, you come to a really quiet spot, and then suddenly a whole group of gorillas come out of nowhere. Truly magnificent and magical. You don’t realise how large they are and how small their young are. It’s amazing how similar they are to us humans too, sat playing and basically talking to each other. This was the best place I have been to in Africa, hands down.

Europe- Croatia, more specifically Dubrovnik, this is the ultimate European town. So peaceful, so much to do and just looks fascinating. The town looks as if you are playing assassins creed. The locals are so friendly, everywhere you go people say good morning or good evening (in Croatian of course). The beaches are great and the little cafes give this European more of a luxurious feel.

Asia- Singapore, this is such an awesome city, I found myself struggling to keep in my excitement of all the cool little gadgets and different things around this metropolis. The food is awesome too, you can watch them prepare and cook it and some places, but some places serve live food like shrimp and squid that dances. Trust me, no other place has this much technology for sale, its so cheap as well, I always end up stocking up when I go here!

North America- New York, probably the most famous city in the world, and if you arrive here in style on a cruise, then you can see why so many people immigrated here back in the early 1900s. the lights, the atmosphere, the food, the sounds everything in this city is just amazing. There is basically every culture, every form of technology and just everything here. The food is amazing, proper pizza and excellent Chinese food.

South America- Brazil, rio de janerio, I mean come on, if you have ever been here I think you will understand why I picked this. The life here is absolutely booming, never a dull moment. The shops, the food, and the people everything just works, even though there are over 6 million people here. The statue of Christ, Brazil’s most iconic thing stands above you giving you a sense of security. The beaches are perfect, white sands, clear water and plenty of water sports to do.

Antarctica- this one’s a tricky one as I haven’t technically been on the land here, but I did sail around it on an expedition. Awesome experience, I saw emperor penguins, sea lions and even huge orcas swimming alongside the boat,

Australia- Auckland, this place is beautiful. If you love to surf, skate, relax, love wildlife anything then this place is for you. You can even go on quad bikes or do a spot of cliff diving, if that’s your thing. I loved it here, was a bit nervous at first because of the deadly snakes and spiders, but seriously you never really see anything even like that here.

I loved my stay at all of these places and would recommend going to any of them. If I was you I would try to travel and see as much of the world as possible, it’s the best way to live life!





Agree with Singapore

Not only Singapore but also surrounding islands such as Phuket, Lankave are must-see destinations, especially for beach lovers..