Best Christmas Holiday Retreats

A great way to spend Christmas is in a nice retreat far from the hustle bustle and freezing cold from the UK. Today we have collated a list of the best Christmas Holiday retreats, so you can do something special this Christmas. Most locations will give you the option of self catering, hotel stay or rented cabin and so the building you decide to stay in is largely down to you and your budget. Here is our top five Christmas retreats: 

1.) New York

OK, so not exactly the chilled out and cool retreat type place, but New York is somewhere where you can really feel the Christmas spirit as the streets, shops and hotels get filled up with the Christmassy glow you see in all of the films. Flights are cheap compared to other Christmas destinations, and there really is no better place to snuggle and feel the Christmas vibe than New York. 

2.) Paris

Classy, sophisticated and full of red wine and good French juicy meat, most places in Paris are warming and beautiful. Book almost any four to five star hotel in the Paris centre and you will soon be thanking yourself for the lovely warm atmosphere the French create for you during Xmas time, which is always a start contrast to the cold hustle and bustle of Paris streets during Xmas time. Expect live classical street music and plenty of wine for this retreat. 

3.) Scotland

Think Scotland, think rain and cold, and you couldn’t be more right, with the exception that Christmas brings with it great deals of snow. Lots and lots of snow!  That’s what makes Scotland so special. Whether you opt for a log cabin, a rural retreat or a hotel near a loch, the snow, views, mountains and lakes next to open fires, crackling logs, smoking chimneys, some spirits and good bulky meaty meals makes Scotland a highly romantic, chilled out place to snuggle up over Christmas. 

4.) Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are best known for beautiful chillout zones, white sand and clear blue water, so if you would really rather spend your Christmas feeling hot rather than cold then this is the place for you. Beach parties, night time fire displays, public fireworks are all part of their Christmas celebrations and most hotels and cabins will offer a Christmas meal, menu and party specially for the day. Nothing wrong with a beach Christmas, especially when it comes delivered with hammocks, sunshine and freshly grilled seafood which was most likely only caught earlier the same day. 

5.) Somerset

Somerset is very English and historic with plenty of manor houses, cabins and rooms that are available for rent over Christmas. Spending Christmas in Somerset is potentially the closest you can get to actually spending your Christmas in the front of a Christmas card and one thing you can guarantee is a lot of candles, brightly decorated trees, mulled wine and mistletoe in a place that takes its English heritage incredibly seriously. 

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Missed out Vegas?

I am wondering why the author has missed out LA, that is also one of the best places to celebrate Christmas eve.