Benefits of Traveling Alone

Having been someone who was always comfortable doing things alone, I had no qualms about hopping on a plane solo when I finally started making my travel dreams a reality. The idea of traveling by myself was exciting. Save a few short bouts of feeling bored alone, my lack of companions did not pose any problems on any of my journeys. While traveling in any manner can be a life-changing experience, there is something about solo travel that really can open up your world and help you learn about yourself. If you have been thinking about taking a trip, but are hesitant because you would have to go it alone, or you are feeling ready for that solo trip but still need a little convincing, here are some of the awesome benefits you will reap .

Makes You More Open to Meeting People

When we travel with other people, we may not be as compelled to make connections with others, whether it be locals or fellow travelers. We are social creatures, and even the most solitary of people enjoy the company of others on occasion. I would not consider myself shy, but I was certainly not someone to just walk up to another person and start a conversation. But, traveling alone made me more open to meeting others, and it allowed me to meet so many great people and make a few connections that benefitted me in numerous ways. That experience taught me to be more open to meeting others in all situations, not just when I travel.

Makes You More Independent

So many people have told me they admire my ability to travel by myself because they believe that they would be too scared to go to another country all by themselves, that they do not think they could handle having to be totally responsible for their trip with no one else accompanying them and helping figure things out. But, I will tell you something. When you are faced with no other option, you would be amazed at what you are capable of doing; so much more than you probably even know. You will get tested, but eventually things work out and you will get where you need to be and do what you need to do. Now that I am engaged I mainly travel with my fiancé but there were a few times he had to go somewhere without me. He was always used to me taking the reins and having to do things on his own was challenging at times, but he told me how much the opportunity showed him how much he was capable of doing, how he felt a sense of pride at navigating the trips on his own.

Helps Produce Clarity about Yourself and Your Life

Traveling helps bring us out of our monotonous everyday routine; it wakes up our brains and helps us achieve insights that may be blocked by our daily grind and lack of mental stimulation. This will happen whether traveling alone or with other people. But, it has been my experience that this clarity is so much more powerful and profound when I have been by myself. There is a lot of time to just be and think—that silence you experience when traveling alone allows so many things to come to the surface. Some of my greatest ‘’ah ha’’ moments have come during independent travel, just me, myself and I.

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